Might as well laugh now before it starts hurting my pocket.

Oh this is a laugh, oh stop it, my sides are hurting.

You remember all those heated debates with scientists who said windmills would provide enogh power to keep the nation running when the coal and nike power stations shut down?

We, the intelligent people, said “but what about when the wind does not blow, what do we do for power then? We’ll have to keep the old coal and nuke stations running, polluting and sending power down to earth (with fuck knows what consequences)

“You can’t say that, you don’t understand science coz you’re not a scientist, nyh nyh na nyh nyh, screamed the science heads.

Well although we hate to say “We told you so,” (as our readers are aware,) we learned today that the scientists Plan B was even crappier than keping the old power plants running:

“Thousands of dirty diesel generators are being secretly prepared all over Britain to provide emergency back-up to prevent the National Grid collapsing when wind power fails.

And under the hugely costly scheme, the National Grid is set to pay up to 12 times the normal wholesale market rate for the electricity they generate.

One of the main beneficiaries of the stopgap plan is the Government itself, which stands to make hundreds of millions of pounds by leasing out the capacity of the generators in public-sector property including NHS hospitals, prisons, military bases, police and fire headquarters, schools and council offices.

But the losers will be consumers who can expect yet further hikes in their electricity bills in the name of ‘combating climate change’.

The scheme is expected to cost £1 billion a year by 2015, adding five per cent to energy bills.

This scheme is a direct consequence of the renewable energy policy adopted by the Coalition but first developed by Tony Blair in response to EU renewables directives to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362762/The-dirty-secret-Britains-power-madness-Polluting-diesel-generators-built-secret-foreign-companies-kick-theres-wind-turbines–insane-true-eco-scandals.html#ixzz2Z8Dc8RDv

Diesel generators, that’s a huge step forward. Just shows science tits are always ahead of the game, always at the cutting edge. NOT! Unless of course it’s the cutting edge of a flint hand axe.

Oi scientists, this is even more insane than your original insane idea, admit you weere wrong and we need loads of new nukes FFS. And then fuck off and learn how to flip burgers for a living.

We were bullied into buying diesel cars to help the environment. Now experts admit this ‘green’ fuel is killing thousands of us

5 thoughts on “Might as well laugh now before it starts hurting my pocket.

  1. I’ve said all along – maybe not loud enough – that nuclear energy is the best way forward, despite current difficulties in dealing with the waste. Surely scientists – proper scientists – can come up with a proper solution for that though.

    Wind power, in my eye, has always been a pipe dream leading to a complete and utter ruination of the environment, both in its potential energy production and the aesthetics of having 40 metre tall monstrosities blighting the land and seascapes of the world.

    I refer you sir, to this badly written, but from the heart post from 2011 – http://confusionreignssupreme.blog.co.uk/2011/03/17/the-nuclear-option-10847872/


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