One In The Teeth For The Bansturbators

Having analyzed the experience of 27 countries for more than a decade, the nice people at Delloitte came to the conclusion that the use of horrifying visual images on packaging does not have any significant impact on smokers’ addiction.

“There are countries where there is a decreasing trend of smoking, but there is, and vice versa,” – experts say. That is, the graphic images have the same impact as the warnings about the dangers of smoking – some give up, and some do not.

As an example, experts compared Canada and the United States. For example, in Canada, where the frightening images appeared in 2000, six years later the number of smokers had decreased by 2.5%. This figure is in the U.S., where graphic images on cigarette packs are not used and warning labels are located on the side of the plain packs the decrease during the study period was 3%.

Suck on that, you bansturbators.

scarey image

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