The Triumphs Of Higher Education

Who says education is going down the pan (well we do for a start).

Higher education is still the portal to great success, fame and wealth as these examples show …

The PPE student who who believes “Urban Guerillas” are primates trained to murder people.

The girl with a Desmond* in Travel & Tourism who thought Denmark was “down south, next to Cornwall”.

A group of 5 University graduates (!!) who unanimously agreed, after a five minute discussion, that Belgium was a part of France not an independent country.

There are just three examples that sprang to mind.

… yes, if you are a young person hoping to become wealthy and famous in comedy, get yourself a degree.

* Desmond = 2.2 (Desmond Tutu)

3 thoughts on “The Triumphs Of Higher Education

      • :))

        Mike, are you suggesting the Prime has a big hairy arse? I thought that was Father Ted.

        Not Bob, no chance of that in the cirrent economic climate. The American Federal Exchange will not even let German officials have a look at German’s gold stored in the Fed vaults.


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