A Message From God On Mars?

I love the “Before It’s News” web site. It carries a delicious mix of stories that are either outrageous and unsubstantiated allegation and rumour, paranoid scaremongering, scurrilous slander (“Nude Pictures Of Barack Obama’s Mother in Satanic Ritual” – if I was a Satnist I’d sue over that one), cryptozoological freaks, warnings of apocalyptic events, and stuff that is just stark raving bonkers.

The best I have seen for a long time though carries the headline “NASA Finds Message From God On Mars” and concerns reports that people in charge of the Mars Rover have been hinting that before the end of the year they will reveal a discovery made by equipment on the Red Planet that will “change everything.”

Well it could be a message from God of course, although if it was intended for us it would nor inspire much confidence to learn he does not even know which planet we live on.

On the other hand it could be pictures of aliens showing their arses, Elvis, Osama bin Laden, Lord Lucan, a squadron of WW2 planes that went missing on a training flight near Bermuda,the lost chord or the lost civilization.

Or might it be the skeletal remains of ET who was trying to phone home, got through to a call centre customer complaints department and was put on hold.

Peacemaker and joybringer starts another war

4 thoughts on “A Message From God On Mars?

  1. NASA hype in up all the time – search ” 7 minutes of terror”… was merely the f*g entry into Mars atmosphere of the rover ( allegedly).
    Their “amazing discovery” will, no doubt, be in the form of some snivelling wee priveval bacteria or other.

    Big f8ing deal or what


    • Well that’s what I though (but why spoil a good blog by being sensible)

      They say “We have found signs of extra terrestrial life and we all think, “Jabba The Hutt?”
      But no, it’s a microscopic blob of snot.


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