Write To Your MP

I woke up this morning (no, this isn’t a blues song lyric) and felt that while almost powerless to do anything to halt world War Three I must make some gesture no matter how small and futile.

So I lobbied my MP to oppose military intervention in Syria. It’s easy (if you are a British voter) to email you MP, just click the link below and follow the instructions.


If we all urge our MPs to oppose the vote to approve military intervention and it is defeated, the outcome is not likely to be affected. It is now clear that Cameron, Osborne, Hague et al take orders from the faceless members of a business / banking cartel that rules the world from somewhere beyond the reach of national jurisdictions as did Blair, Brown and a bagful of foreign secrataries in the Labour government.

but it would give heart to those MPs who want to dump Cameron and put an end to the bureaucratic dictatorship of Brussels and Geneva.

And if you think military intervention in Syria would be a good idea you are free to lobby your MP for that via writetothem.com and then you can fuck off, warmonger.

Here’s a copy of my letter:

Dear Graham Jones,

I write to appeal you you to do anything in your power to oppose any
resolution committing the UK to take part in military action against
either faction in the Syrian conflict.

Although we know beyond doubt that chemical weapons in the form of
nerve gas have been used in the conflict, my reading of a wide range of
sources suggests it is far from clear which side instigated the attack.
Evidence from UN investigations into similar attacks earlier in the
year suggest however that those fighting to overthrow the Assad regime
were responsible for using illegal weapons.

I have no doubt that the Assad regime is and always has been a brutal
dictatorship, but there is no indication that those trying to overthrow
Assad will offer anything better. The Jihadists are certainly not
planning an enlightened liberal democracy.

We need only look at what has happened in Iraq, Egypt and Libya
following the overthrow of dictators to see that military intervention
without massive follow up support is not viable. In common with many
other British people feel that our nation’s involvement would cost
British lives and in the long term only make things worse for the non
partisan people of Syria.

I thank you for this opportunity to contact you on a matter of concern
to us all.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Thorpe

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