The Emperor Obama’s Flirtation With Democracy Did Not Last Long

On Friday, after hearing the news of Thursday’s vote by British MPs to veto any military involvement in the Syrian war, Barack Obama, deprived of his three stooges, Cameron, Hague and Osborne to do the dirty work and take the blame for him, shat himself had a sudden attack of constitutionalism and remembered that in spite of his previous hawkish statements about taking down the Assad regime, a US President cannot give the order to go to war with a nation that does not directly threaten the USA. He needed a vote from the US congress to authorise any attack.

The cruise missile strike which had been scheduled for yesterday was postponed until congress could reconvene on 9 September, listen to an inspiring speech by Obama and become enthused about murdering Syrians and getting young American’s murdered.

Unfortunately it became clear Obama was not likely to get his congressional rubber stamp needed to cover his arse, Bammy’s sudden enthusiasm for democracy faded as quickly as it had blossomed.

From CBS News:
“President Obama said Saturday he’ll go to Congress for approval before launching a strike against Syria, but he also made it clear that he doesn’t believe he needs anyone else’s permission.

“While I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger … and our actions will be even more effective” if the strike is authorized by Congress, Obama said Saturday.”

Right, so he believes in one man one vote so long as he’s the one man who casts the one vote. Ave Caligula.


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