The Terrorist States -But Are They Still United?

Obama And Kerry Caught Lying On Syria and UN Weapons Inspectors

“… In the evening, details emerged of the committee’s revisions to a the White House’s proposals for a military authorisation. They set a window limited to 60 days for military action – during which Obama could order the limited, tailored strikes he has foreshadowed – while allowing for a single 30-day extension subject to conditions. Democrat committee chairman Bob Menendez and his Republican counterpart Bob Corker also added a provision banning any use of US armed forces on the ground in Syria.’

In 60 days, let alone 90, US missile strikes could have destroyed Assad’s military capability to such an extent that the US-funded-and-armed Al-Qaeda ‘rebels’, who have chopped up their victims and eaten their body parts, would be able to conquer the country.

This is the real reason why they are so desperate to attack Syria and the ‘chemical weapons’ lie is just the excuse.

As for a ban on ‘troops on the ground’, US military personnel have been in the region since long before the civil war began covertly training their ‘Al-Qaeda’ puppets for the assault on the Assad regime and you don’t need thousands of troops in Syria to destroy its defence systems – just a barrage of missile strikes which is exactly what they plan to do.”

Obama, Kerry, Syria, Chemical Weapons

Bombing Syria is not about Chemical weapons, it is really aimed at taking out Assad’s military capability and opening the door for an attack on Iran. The plan is to soften up Assad’s army so the Western-armed, fundedand trained ‘rebels’ can conquer the country for the financial – industrial (filthy capitalist) powers that covertly control them.

Like it says here


‘General Jack Keane, a former vice chief of staff of the US Army, told BBC Radio 4 that he had spoken to senior Republican senators who had been briefed by the US president on Monday, and had been assured that Mr Obama planned to do significant damage to the forces of Bashar al-Assad …

… Gen. Keane said he understood Mr Obama was planning a more substantial intervention in Syria than had previously been thought, with increased support for the opposition forces, including training from US troops. He said the plans could involve “much more substance than we were led to believe”.’

And those of you who have wrung your hands, bled your hearts, wiled and gnashed your teeth about humanitarian intervention, have a look at the kind of humanitarian regime The Obamessiah is hoping to install in place of Assad.

US-Backed Terrorists Behead 24 Syrians Including Three Month Old Baby

‘Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria have beheaded all 24 Syrian passengers traveling from Tartus to Ras al-Ain in northeast of Syria, among them a mother and a 40-days old infant.

Gunmen from the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant stopped the bus on the road in Talkalakh and killed everyone before setting the bus on fire.

According to media reports, the attack was carried out because the passengers who were from three different villages in Ras al-Ain, supported anti-terrorist Kurdish groups which were formed recently to defend Kurdish population against anti-Syria terrorists.’

US Backed Terrorists Behead 40, Including a Baby In Syria


3 thoughts on “The Terrorist States -But Are They Still United?

  1. Well, the yanks have a history of backing the wrong horse from the ‘freedom-fighting’ Contras to those good ol’ rebel boys in the Muhajadeen. No surprises with the Syrian situation really.
    As repulsive a regime as Assad’s is, what unilateral right does the USA have in launching military operations against a country which does not threaten its security? Pardon me for sounding a bit naive


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