The Pompous Toad

The Pompous Toad(a piece of whimsical verse dedicated to those attending the G20 conference )

A pompous toad squatted atop a large turd
believing it to be an ivory tower;
the absurd amphibian seldom deferred
to good sense, maintaining that pomp is power.
A passing terrapod astutely observed
that the toad owed his lofty position
not to reason, logic or rhetorical skill,
but a random act of excretion.
The toad, undeterred by a critical word
or the peril of his precarious situation
chose to pontificate and thus irritate
humbler creatures of similar station.

A warning word blurted might have averted
the disaster that was to befall
but though other creatures saw danger approach,
the toad had offended them all
Tired of being hectored and harangued
and lectured none felt inclined to help
when danger flew, by so they turned a blind eye
as an ignorant crow swooped down very low
and swallowed the toad in one gulp.

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