Join The New Lesbian Army

University students in Canada continue to face a bizarre government / politically correct thought police campaign to make them homosexuals. At the University of Winnipeg, newly enrolled students were invited by The Lesbian Rangers Group (founded 2005) to participate in a lesbian “Reorientation Week

They were asked to become “rangers” with the “Lesbian National Parks and Services,” the brainchild of local “performing artists” Shauna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. (follow link above to see a poster which will demostrate why these two hairy arsed rug munchers became lesbians.)

Nobody know quite what Lesbian Rangers do but as The Park Ranger in the cartoons had to stop Yogi Bear stealing visitors picnic baskets, presumable their function is to patrol the campus and stop male students getting hold of girls doner kebabs

The two wimmin had a “field office” in the university art gallery, staffed by a university employee in ranger uniform. They took part in pancake breakfasts, barbecues and interviews on campus radio.

“Lesbian Rangers salute and welcome you!” their brochure says. “Here you will encounter new, even life-changing lifestyles and ideas. These may challenge you in uncomfortable ways.”

The university art gallery, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council, sponsored this tasteless attack on heterosexuality to the tune of about $10,000. This doesn’t include thousands of taxpayer dollars already expended on their promotional video and “Field Guide” which includes examples of lesbian “flora and fauna.”

Their message: “Homosexuality is natural. Question the heterosexual model. Heterosexuality is a social invention.”

The more I learn about what goes on in universities the more wise my decision to avoid the socialist shit holes and do higher education by distance learning looks, but I am aware that when I was young students were encouraged to question authority. Today, they are pressured to question their sexuality.

Does the LNPS actually exist? Is this exercise in brainwashing masquerading as art, propaganda disguised as parody real or is it a pathetic, sophomoronic attempt to shock? Is the idea that eventually the outrageous becomes accepted.

The Lesbian Rangers don’t actually work in any parks. But the artists claim to have hundreds of junior members called “Eager Beavers.”

Their video (online) is full of such double entendres and sexual innuendo on a par with anything a Carry On film could throw at us. The two “bush women” leave “no stone or student unturned.” It’s a “lesbian-eat-lesbian-world.” Knots are practiced in various bondage positions. Their website is called www.fingerinthe

In the promotional video they fine a heterosexual male $100 for wearing a lewd T-shirt (“Blow me”) and intimidate him when he protests. He is reprimanded for “threatening the lesbian environment.” Well I did say it was sophomoronic.

Canadian Lesbians are just a few government grants shy of having a paramilitary organization, a cross between the Girl Scouts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts. (Hitler’s SA was notoriously homosexual.)

This is a true news report, entirely unembellished. Nobody could make this stuff up.

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