Saintly Apple Boss Was Really Working For The Worm.

With the launch imminent of the Apple iPhone 5 (it seems only two minutes since they launched the iPhone 4, it’s time to look again at the company regarded as the good guys of the computer / internet business.

Steve Jobs - control freak Nazi

Boggart Blog has expended several posts on bursting the myth of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs. Jobs was not the anti – hero, the rebel against authority he liked to pose as. And the new technology he claimed his company created was around years before Apple plagiarised it. Smart phones – Blackberry, 1999; Windows (WIMP) desktop – Xerox, 1979; for the Xerox Star workstation; Touch Screen – Hewlett Packard, 1984; Tablet computers – 1991, NCR released model 3125 pen computer running MS-DOS, Penpoint OS or Pen Windows; Need I go on? All Jobs ever created was unprecedented levels of control freakery.

Apple’s only great innovation was syllogistic rebranding, a product naming strategy that fitted well with it’s hyperbolic marketing and targeting the emotionally vulnerable (celebrities) as high profile customers to create demand among wannabes for its overpriced gadgets.

“But what of Saint Jobbies?” you might well ask. “He was a good guy wasn’t he, he was a CEO who wore T shits and jeans to the office. He was a Buddhist (or bood – ist as they say in California.)

Hmm, the T shirt wearing maverick who rebelled against authority by collaborating with the US Government’s most fascistic agencies, the Buddhist who thought nothing of stabbing his rivals in the back while stealing their patents, the control freak who referred to emplyees as slaves and customers as Zombies.

Take a good long look at this expose of the real Steve Jobs and his oh-so-cosy relationship with the NSA, the US government’s agency for spying on its own citizens.

Unmasking the real Steve Jobs

Now look, I’m not saying here Microsoft were not every bit as bad … well I am because everyone in the computer industry knows they not AS bad but a hundred times worse.All I’m saying is it’s time a lot more people got to know how computer and internet technologies really work, what threats they pose to our privacy and how corrupt the sociopaths who dominate the industry are.


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