Hawking On The Afterlife

According to The Guardian last Saturday, Stephen Hawking says with the aid of current science the brain could exist outside body but ‘conventional afterlife is a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark’

Yeah well I think we can all agree with that, the afterlife would be pretty unconventional to people familiar with the chaos in this dimension.

6 thoughts on “Hawking On The Afterlife

  1. Vanilla Sky springs to mind. I would not wish to exist without my body. I don’t believe in the afterlife but I am not so ignorant as to dismiss it as an imposssiblity. There is a lot that we now understand, but I’m quite sure that there is much that we don’t. I think I’ll just allow nature to do it’s thing!


  2. Hawking’s lost his space marbles; as either to believe or not to believe in an AL is totally unscientific, simply because it’s the unknowable – as Mr D. ‘supertalent’ Hirst’s ‘impossibility’ shark would confirm.

    Hawking is denying the possibility of a non-physical existence based obviously on evidence gained soley from physical measuring devices.
    So if it does exist it would be like a blind guy using a microphone to try to record light and then swearing blind light doesn’t exist.

    Anyhow why all the fuss – we’re all going to find out … or not, lol


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