The Science Of Spoons

A few days ago I was talking on another site to one of those science heads who gets really angry when people point out that is is silly to talk about exploring space, seeking other planets capable of supporting life when the nearest of these is so far away that in our fastest space craft (10 miles per second with a following wind) it would take 17,500 years (approx) to travel as far as light travels in 1 year. Now the nearest star so far guessed to possibly, just possibly mind, have a planet that might, just might, have the right surface temperature, and possibly, just possibly, the right mix of gases in it’s atmosphere and the right radiation levels to potentially support life forms like those here on earth is forty light years away. So forty times 17,500 equals a bunch of very old intergalagtic explorers before they even get anywhere, let alone back again.

The angry, science worshipping guy then began rhyming off how science had improved our lives, we owed everything to science and would all be running around bollock naked and eating worms but for science. Yawn, hear it all before.

So today when I saw this it made me laugh:

science and the plastic spoon

You see when people get so obsessed with science they forget to use a bit of common sense (What? Did I mention Brian Cunt Cox? I did not mention Brian Cox at all!) it isn’t science any more, it’s stupidity.

I’ll get round to demolishing the new IPCC report on how to fraudulently manipulate data climate change and global warming in a few days.

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