What has a loaf of bread to do with the price of fish

When The Prime Minister was asked during the Conservative Conference if he knew the price of a loaf of bread, the lefties, who get sillier by the day, and disturbingly, more uniformly silly because they all react in exactly the same way, were beside themselves with glee.

Ha haa see, posh boy Cameron is out of touch with the ordinary people, they chortled like 1950s comic characters (only characters in comic chortle) see, the fool does not even know the price of a loaf of bread.

And I’d be surprised if Ed Miliband knew the answer, or Nick Clegg or for that matter Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond. And that should not disturb us in the least. Why? Because it’s one of those silly questions that left wing media luvvies from The Guardian and BBC Radio 4’s Today programme love to ask although they don’t know the answer themselves.

How can I say that? Surely I can’t know that none of those hypocrites at The Guardian or BBC Radio News hasn’t a clue about the price of a loaf.

Well I can know that actually, just as I know for certain that none of those people know how long a piece of string is (that’s a hypothetical piece of string, not one we can measure).

It is a pity however, and a damning indictment of our politicians that when asked this question none had the with to ask, “Do you mean a supermarket budget brand 800 gramme loaf at 47p, an Allinson’s 800 gram high fibre white at £1.35 or a 600 gramme multigrain barmbrack from a craft bakery at £3.50.

They are all loaves of bread after all.

And if you want to learn the price of a loaf for yourself here is a list of 106 different loaves. One would hope the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition have better things to do than sit around memorising them.

Meanwhile here’s a politician who knows the price of a pie (or several) and a pint)But was he ever Prime Minister material.

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