Everything You do Is A Sign That You Are Mad

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Are you mentally ill? I see a lot of heads shaking.
How about members of your family? Hmm, not quite so many heads shaking but still a big majority.
Your friends? A bit more uncertainty here but people are saying “A tad eccentric maybe but not completely bonkers.”

The fact is though you may not be aware of it yet, you and everybody you know is probably suffering from some kind of mental illness.

For years now the criteria defining mental illness have been steadily expanding. This has resulted in more and more people who were previously considered to be sane are now capable of being diagnosed as mad. Conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Aspergers syndrome, depression, and even common anxiety are increasingly being diagnosed, particularly among children between the ages of three and 17.

And of course if you are the kind of organized person who stored your CDs in Alphabetical Order you are afflicted with OCD. On the other hand if you don’t store your CDs in Alphabetical order you have issues with authority and need cognitive behvioural therapy. Do you see what is emerging?

Not long ago the inventor of ADHD admitted it was a made – up disorder, just a catch all created as an excuse to medicate lively, energetic children. A drug had been developed and an illness had to be invented for it to treat. And so the chemical cosh for kids that do not conform became the standard treatment for noisy, active children. And also for quiet introverted children. And if you think that is contradictory, try querying it in a public forum, you will probably be told you are not a scientists, therefore you do not understand science and should not comment. Like wot I did.

Psychology is one of those academic disciplines I usually refer to as pseudo-science. There are no consistent tests to determine a person’s mental health and so it is all about opinion. Some people might remember a scence in the movie dead Poets Society in which a traditionalist teacher introduces pupils to a method of “scientifically” assessing the quality of a poem. Psychologists do the same, they try to find ways of passing off subjective opinion as scientific proof.

Whether or not the children referred to above actually have any illness is besides the point, doctors are diagnosing them as such because they are paid by Big Pharma to prescribe the treatments so individualism cannot be tolerated, what is human well being compared to corporate profit? The consequence of this push to make everybody a patient for life has been a huge increase in pharmaceutical drug use. According to the latest data compiled by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), nearly one-quarter of a trillion dollars is spent every year treating children for mental disorders that may not actually exist . Between 1994 and 2011, the number of children being diagnosed with mental illness has skyrocketed inexplicably.

One of the explanations for the huge increase in autism spectrum disorders that comes up in every debate about vaccine safety is the statement that “better diagnosis” is responsible for the increase over the past three decades. Better diagnosis of what. Cout cases against the makers of MMR vaccines have succeeded when the law suit alleged the vaccine had caused brain damage, simply because there is no medical definition of autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

The latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association (APA)’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) will shortly be released, in this document it seems any type of individualistic behaviour is classed as mental illness. For years government and medical propaganda has been urging us to eat more healthily, now healthy eating is a mental illness, Orthorexia.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that one in five American children are now among the ranks of those considered to have mental illness. Britain and the European Union are pushing in the same direction. And once DSM-5 gets into the hands of doctors and psychiatrists in the coming months and years, this percentage will only further increase.

Join the resistance, refuse medication and conformity; you owe it to your kids because it’s highly likely they are not crazy or the spawn of Stan but normal, healthy, lively, curious, imaginative, individual young humans.

Source: The New American

Pre Menstrual Mental Illness

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11 thoughts on “Everything You do Is A Sign That You Are Mad

  1. I had a friend who had a beautiful son, but he was aggressive, uncontrollable and was failing at school because he could not concentrate. He was put on Ritalin
    (not sure how to spell it)He became calm, happy, and did well at school. We all saw the lovely child he really was. You cannot generalise, some children do need medication.


    • I don’t generalise, the pharmaceutical companies and medical professions do. Ritalin is the standard prescription for children whose behavior ranges from boisterous and noisy to uncontrollable.
      But here’s a better solution than a chemical cosh for kind that have genuine behavioral problems. Stop feeding the white sugar and other chemical crap. Works a treat according to independent studies and the children grow into individuals rather than zombies.


  2. As someone who has regular contact with all sorts of people with mental illness I agree that it is easy to stick a label and therefore medication on people who don’t need it. Depression is a good example. go to your doctor because you are tired and you are now ‘depressed’ and offered antidepressants. This was my nephew who has been a sleepy lad for the whole of his life, who does a hard laborious job and has a new baby in the house. Stepping off bandwagon, point taken.


    • I remember being in hospital about two weeks after a near fatal brainhaemorrhage. A psychologist came to see me one day to ask “How do you FEEL about being paralyzed on one side?” she asked. (Bear in mind whenever I closed my eyes for a nap it was still only 50 -50 that I’d wake up.)
      I said something like “What I feel is not important, it’s happened and I just have to adjust to a new life.”
      “Oh you’re in denial,” she said.
      It’s a wonder I did not burst another blood vessel. If I’d given the expected answer about how I felt suicidal and all that, I’d have been depressed, because I accepted what happened and was trying to cope, I’m in denial. You can’t win.


      • I recently had a similar conversation with a man who had broke his neck and lost all feeling from the neck down. He also said very much the same. What face you present in a situation like that is one that is right for the time, so I just said ‘brilliant, glad to hear it, i’ll check in tomorrow to see how you are getting on.’ I did see him on a semi regular basis after that. He got a bit of feeling back and kept being determined. He went home walking with sticks. I am glad you recovered too ian. I think we should let people do what they need to sometimes and not label it just because it doesn’t meet our expectations.


      • What upset me about that shrink was the casual way she said I was in De Nile. I’d always wanted to see The Pyramids and was coming to terms with the fact that I probably never would. :))


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