More Woe For Lib Dems As Clegg Speech Fails

We were drawn by this bedline because the story concerns Accrington where the Boggart Blog headquarters is situated.

Bearded Muslim pupils have right to show “full faith” says Nick Clegg.

When did the Lib Dem leader develop a lisp? Is it another sign that the stress is getting to him.

The story refers to the two 14-year-old Muslims who have been placed in “isolation” from the start of the new term at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, Lancashire.

Talks were held with the families of the two boys to resolve the problem but neither side backed down and the school has now decided the pupils can only return to school when they are clean-shaven.

The headteacher of the school, Xavier Bowers, said that the matter is not one of religion but about dress code.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mr. Bowers said: “At Mount Carmel RC High School, we believe that it’s important to be clear about what we expect from students in all aspects of school life, including appearance and uniform.”

And once these lads have scraped the bumfluff from their chins they can return to class and learn to say Hail Marys and confess their sins so they can go and commit some new ones.

Meanwhile, asked about his lisp Mr. Clegg said, “I don’t think a thpeeech impediment ith any cauthe for embarrathment in thith day and age.

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