You Must Sit In The Dark While The Green Energy Elite Fly In Style

The arrogance of the watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) at the department of energy knows no bounds it seems. Civil Servants at the Department of Energy where Glib Dem minister Ed. Davey presides over plans to shut down power stations that work and replace them with a 350 foot high wind turbine on every bit of land that is not yet built upon, have been flying round the UK willy nilly on their missions to lecture us on the need to cut carbon emissions.

But these hypocrites have been nabbed.

“Ed Davey’s Department for Energy and Climate Change spent £148,000 on 668 internal flights, while public bodies attached to it cost the taxpayer another £163,000 on more than 1,000 domestic flights.

The new figures were criticised by Green MP Caroline Lucas, who said she found it hard to believe civil servants and ministers could not have taken more eco-friendly trains on some of the journeys.

A breakdown of the flights showed that most covered trips of more than 400 miles between London and Scotland. But there were other shorter journeys, including flights between Aberdeen and Wick Airport in the far north of Scotland, which are only 200 miles apart by road.

Meanwhile, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – run by the often-regarded climate-change sceptic Owen Paterson – spent far less on domestic flights. The Conservative Environment Secretary and his officials took only 219 domestic flights last year at a cost of £37,445.

The figures, which were revealed in answers to written parliamentary questions, showed the Government spent more than £1.7 million on almost 15,000 domestic flights in 2012-13.”

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Yes, Owen Patterson, hated by lefties because he thinks climate science is a big fraud perpetrated by a bunch of research grant scroungers, is actually making his staff behave more responsibly that the whining, hand wringing Davy who obviously thinks his staff are entitles to fly from London to Brimingham business class, because unlike those evil polluters at DEFRA, the DoE boys and girls CARE about the future of the planet and in the mindset of the left, actions are meaningless, only words and feelings matter.

Never trust a leftie.

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