Washington’s Zombie Apocalypse

American ‘conspiracy theory’ blogs are at the moment full of advice on ‘prepping’, not some new sexual deviation invented by Miley Cyrus but preparing for some imminent but as yet unspecified catastrophe.

The big question in Washington this week is whether, in the words of the New York Times, we’re going to see “a legislative failure and an economic catastrophe that could ripple through financial markets, foreign capitals, corporate boardrooms, state budget offices and the bank accounts of everyday investors”. Or to put it another way, if unemployment is the American Civil War, the 2008 credit Crunch is World War One and the Sequester is World War Two, then debt default, if it happens on Friday, will be Zombie Apocalypse in America.

This comparison is relevant, not least for the politicians in Washington, who seem to have become desensitized by the constantly escalating crescendo of catastrophe to the suffering being caused by thirty years of economic and social failure. They are blasé about the negative consequences of policies aimed at keeping minorities sweet and deaf to the anguished squeals ofv the squeezed middle to borrow a phrase from Ed Miliband.

As far as the purring fat cats of the political establishment are concerned the situation could last more or less indefinitely were it not for the debt ceiling. They do not feel the hardships being suffered down in the lower levels of society but they will feel a default, fortunes will not be decimated or even centimated, they will be splatimated.

Businesses will be wiped out, the US dollar will be replaced that the reserve currency and America’s credibility will be destroyed. Congress is going to have to come up with a deal before the ceiling is reached or the zombie apocalypse will look like a childrens’ party.

Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse or worse:

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