A Dragon Flies Over Truro

Now I know some among you who have relied on your belief in reason, logic and order to protect yourselves from having to face the fact that we live in a a crazy, insane world in which nothing makes sense will be throwing a hissy fit at the notion that a dragon might have escaped from Arthurian myth to harass the good burghers of Truro, but here’s a video from You Tube that is going viral. And people who post videos on You Tube would not try to deceive us with fakes would they?

On the other hand, as I told those fools from the Merseyside Skepitics Association (who spell sceptic with a k because it look more like magick that way) to be truly a sceptic you have to neither believe nor disbelieve anything but question everything.

But the first thing to do is examine the evidence:


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Hmmm … So let’s question the video. Do dragons exist? My children tell me they have encountered one such creature, it was called Mrs. Bibby and taught seven to eight year olds at St. Annes school. The Dragon once told my daughter that her daddy would burn in hell because he was not a Roman Catholic. Mrs Bibby was a crap dragon, she could not even breathe fire although she found at the next parents evening that I can.

Now back to the Truro dragon which you will immediately notice in the video looks nothing like John Hurt.

I am very suspicious of this dragon because the way it moves its wings is completely unaerodynamic. Even a Ray Harryhausen dragon moves more realistically than that. To me this creature looks like one of the little buggers that was responsible for wannabe skinny dippers on Hampstead Heath having to don budgie smugglers.


North American crayfish: this creature already boosted sales of budgie smuggers in North London, will it now book tourism in King Arthur country?

Anyone who has seen one of these vicious little willie nippers swimming with recognise the action as being identical to that of the alleged Truro dragon in flight.

We therefore pronounce the Truro dragon a hoax, and being in Cornwall probably a scrumpy related stunt. Unless Mrs Bibby moved down to Cornwall after she retired. She would be in her nineties now, but dragons are immortal aren’t they?

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