Man Sues Wife Over Ugly Baby

Back to China for this nutty story. In the week the Chinese Renminbi replaced the US$ as the reserve currency it seems the Chinese are getting ready to replace Americans at the world’s top nut jobs.

According to a Local 10 news report Jian Feng sued his wife over their ugly baby recently.

According to the lawsuit the “beautiful” couple could not have produced a child together, who is so ugly it “horrifies” the man.

Court documents state that when Feng’s wife gave birth to their baby girl, he was immediately startled by the child’s appearance. He referred to the infant as “an extremely ugly baby.”

Suspecting his wife had an affair — after all, they are both “beautiful” — he filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test. When the results proved was the father, the wife confessed to having cosmetic surgery in South Korea prior to getting married.

He was awarded $120,000 on the grounds that China’s one-child rule scuppers his chances of getting a good looking baby next time. Personally I can’t see what the guys problem is, the baby looks like all other babies to me.

See a video of the alleged ugly baby:


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