Pre mestrual mental illness

Women with PMS are mad.

I did nopt make that up, it is from the bible of psychology, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

According to this august tome, the wisdom of which has made millionaires of many quacks and basket cases of many of their patients, “Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), sometimes referred to as ‘PMS on steroids’, is now formally recognized as a mental disorder.

Now I have no direct experience of PMS but having been married for nearly forty years and brought up a daughter who did not permanently leave home until she was 27, I hve had some exposure to PMS. And I would have sworn it is a hormonal squall rather than a permantent case of mentalism.

Who is this guy to argue with psychologists who have shitloads of toytown degrees and mail order PhDs in various ologies you might well ask. To be honesst it is a subject I would normally steer clear of except the publication of the news seems to have rattled a lot of cages on feminist blogs.

A contributor on blogged, ‘I actually have PMDD and take birth control to help it (which does work, btw)). Personally, I do find it insulting that PMDD is lumped into the category of psychological disorders.

‘Although I do sometimes get intensely depressed for a short amount of time before my period, I think the physical symptoms that accompany the emotional stuff and the fact that it’s entirely period related should qualify it as a body problem and not a mental one.

‘Admitting you have PMDD definitely has some social stigma also.’

Psychologists are of course just another bunch of greedy lying pseudo – scientists out to make a quick buck. Like Big Pharma their strategy is to make us all patients for life, which was made abundantly clear when Boggart Blog reported a few months ago, “Everything you do is a sign of mental illness.

If you think you may need the help of a psychologists, just reflect on the words of the great Bill Hicks:

Does psychotherapy work? Two words, Woddy fucking Allen

Read more on PMDD as a mental illness in The Daily Mail


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