The Scientists Lied Again. Butter And Lard Will Not kill You, Low Fat Spread Will

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For forty years health scientists and medical professionals have waxed hysterical about the evils of saturated fat, just as they have about that other dietary evil, salt. None however has been able to answer the European question; why do the French who eat much more saturated fat and salt than we do have lower rates of heart disease. The answer of course obvious to anyone except a scientist because scientists are genetically unequipped to think anything they have not been told to think by the people funding their research. Or so it would seem.

Over the decades there have been a few mavericks such as Dr. Robert Atkins, who have challenged this saturated fat “science is settled” dogma. Also a few specialist health journalists in mainstream newspapers, such as the Daily Telegraph’s James Le Fanu, have repeatedly exposed the flawed logic of the saturated fat / cholesterol theory of cardio vascular disease. Dr Le Fanu has always maintained that (most) people should stick to the boiled eggs and buttered soldiers for breakfast and avoided margarine as if their lives depended on it. But the mainstream view for 40 years, as dished out to the public in health campaigns and via the NHS, mainstream media and government propaganda has been “avoid saturated fat like the plague, don’t even look at butter, cream or lard. Use only oil-based low fat spreads or you will surely die an early and horrible death (of boredom?).

But this view is changing, the dishonest science lobby forgets there are intelligent people out in the real world, people capable of understanding chemical notation and therefore sussing out that the much hyped “low fat spread” (hydrogenated vegetable fat) was in fact as close as the food processing could possibly get to manufacturing arterial plaque, the stuff that bungs up arteries and causes heart disease, most strokes and blood clots. If you doubt it, if you are one of those fools who is thinking, why should I believe this blogger chappie rather than a load of medical experts, well just remember this blogger is not paid by big Pharma. Then consider that we have a leading young cardiologist, Aseem Malhotra, writing in the British Medical Journal today, saying quite plainly: “If you have a choice between butter and margarine, have the butter every time.”

The evidence is pretty persuasive. The essence of it is: recent studies have failed to support any significant association between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular risk. Indeed, saturated fat has actually been found to be protective – though it should come from natural sources, not processed food where it’s mixed with harmful chemical additives. That is to say, steak is all right, but an Ulster Fry – sausage slice, black pudding, bacon etc – should be for special occasions only. Basically what the science has done (as always) is to bury the logic and common sense again.

“Ohh look,” they say, “people who eat a lot of saturated fat get very fat a lot of heart attacks therefore saturated fats causes heart attacks and we must stop people from eating any.” Such a failure of logic must be at least partly deliberate, a more realistic conclusion is, “People who eat a lot of everything eat more saturated fat than others because they eat more of everything. Therefore we must look at other dietary factors associated with weight gain such as highly processed sugars and starches, chemical additives and trans – fats,” (the kind of fats that could never be produced in nature).

News report: BBC News

What has happened over the past forty years is that public health propaganda campaigns have relentlessly plugged the”natural fat equals bad fat, scientifically fucked about with fat is good and healthy” message. The general public has responded, egged on by the food companies flogging “low-fat” processed snacks and meals. The trouble is, fat makes substances palatable to eat, and if you take it out the food will taste bland.

So what did the food processors do? They replaced all that natural fat with highly refined sugar (high fructose corn syrup – which you will find in almost all American food brands) to provide a substitute taste hit.

And did obesity decline in this period? No it did not, it expanded faster than a junk food addicts waistline. Over the past 30 years in the US, as the proportion of energy derived from fat in the diet fell from 40 per cent to 30 per cent, obesity rocketed. And there is plenty of evidence that refined sugar is an independent risk factor for the metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Malhotra is not the only one questioning the dishonest and dangerous orthodoxy imposed by the establishment. Only a couple of weeks ago The Daily Stirrer reported this:

Heart Disease: A Heart Specialist Finally Admits ‘The Science Is Wrong.’

For years alternative health practitioners, i.e. a mix of seriously competent and committed medically qualified professionals and a few seriously flaky mavericks with rather dubious qualifactions, have been telling us the advice on heart disease pumped out by the government / big pharma propaganda machine is wrong. highly processed foods like margarine are not healthy and in fact are worse for us that much maligned natural fats like butter and lard. Well it is no surprise to learn government and corporate ‘experts’ lied, that’s what they are employed to do. Everything they said is bad for you is good for you.

They have also told us time and again that the main culprit in the pandemic of heart disease is not cholesterol, a compounds manufactured naturally in the body, but processed foods.

Foods like white sugar, white flour and table salt are so highly processed they are stripped of almost everything that balances them to our body’s natural processes. Thus we have not been engineered by evolution to cope with these unnatural substances. Read all this article:

Now more on that BMJ article by Aseem Malhotra

Scientists Prove Science Is For The Terminally Insane

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