David Cameron On Mickey Mouse Degrees

“Britain must end the “snobbery” surrounding degrees such as “music studies and golf course management”, David Cameron, BA hons PPE, has said”.

Mr Cameron said that for too long people have assumed that there “is something wrong” with the kind of higher education qualifications qualifications which have in the past been described as Mickey Mouse degrees.

He’s right. As the coalition government follows Labour’s lead and exports more and more proper jobs to low labour cost nations, people with degrees in golf course management, leisure studies, theoretical science with modern dance (I will now explain Einstein’s general theory of relativity through the medium of free dance) and Simpsonsology are going to be indispensible in advising the bulk of our sixty million people on how to fill the empty hours of their post industrial lives.

Can’t see much use for people with degrees in the in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) however. After all there are only six hundred and fifty jobs available for such useless tossers.

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