Big Smack – Junk Food Addict Splatters Boyfriend

Haven’t we told you before many times that junk food is far from junk, it is chemically engineered to ensure those who eat it regularly become addicted. This relates to the obesity epidemic and the Big Pharma push to persuade governments that statins (cholesterol reducing, arse dribble inducing drugs) be made mandatory.

Conspiracy theorists, some of you sneered. But like all our ‘conspiracy theories it turns out to be true. Only an addict would behave like the person in this story.

“A 33-year-old woman, who apparently had grown up on Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets her whole life, just couldn’t face cold turkey (or roast beef and potatoes) and demanded her daily fix of MacShite consisting of Big Mac, Chicken Mcnuggets on the side, large MacFries and MacCoke.

When her boyfriend refused to make a detour and take her to McDonald’s, Crystal Greer Brooks totally lost it. Pushing him out of the door of their pick up truck (yeeee – ha!), turned the vehicle round and ran over Santiago Hernandez. Her mind warped by industrial quantities of artificial flavourings, colourings, MSG, preservatives and other chemical junk, she enjoyed seeing Santiago thrown on the bonnet of the pick – up before bouncing off and splatting on the road, she did it again … and again.

So what sort of stuff might make this MacDonalds addicted lady named Crystal act like a Road Wars nutter on crystal meth, you might well ask?

Many McDonald’s products have been analyzed for their questionable content and a major concern that is raised in almost every report is the use of nanotechnology in their packaging.

How might the nano-particles in packaging get into McDonald’s food and affect people’s brains? Is this another conspiracy theory?

On the McDonald’s site, the Golden Arches corporation states,

“McDonald’s Corporation is working to understand the use of nanotechnology and its application in food and packaging products.”

To precis some very wordy pseudo – scientific bollocks, MacDonalds admit their burger packaging already contains nano-spheres. These nano-spheres require less water, time and energy to dry. Sounds efficient and totally harmless, right?

Wrong, according to lectures from health and environmental campaigner Kantha Shelke, Ph.D., nanotechnology application in food can be very dangerous and can affect the mind.

In a nutshell, she says nanotechnology is “the art and science of building and manipulating particles on a nanometer scale.” These lab-manipulated particles are so small that they have the ability to enter the human body more easily than larger particles. Easily inhaled, these particles can be breathed directly into the lungs. They can also leach from packaging and get into food. They can penetrate skin and gain access to tissues and cells. Most concerning, these manipulated particles can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Main source:

Finally, here’s a picture of the technology Ms. Greer Brooks tried to insert into her boyfriends brain.

nanoparticle pick up truck

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