Zombie Rampage In USA – The Shopping Dead

You have all been aware in some way of the fad for zombies in recent years, The Walking Dead has been one of America’s top TV shows, Danny Boyle’s films 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later helped to secure his reputation as one of the world’s best and most imaginative directors, Shaun Of The Dead is a comedy cult and remakes of schlock classics like Day Of The Dead and Dawn Of The Dead have completely undeservedly done decent box office.

Why? Because Zombies are real that’s why, they are real and they are amongst us now. OK I can already hear the scienceheads and those who insist on calling themselves skeptics (to prove they don’t know the difference between true scepticism and a boil on the arse) grizzling about conspiracy theorists, superstition and magickal thinking, but I have irrefutable proof in the form of a video of a Zombie rampage. And I have embedded it below.

Yesterday was Black Friday in the USA, in future it may be known as Friday of the Dead.

Washington’s Zombie Apocalypse
Real Life Zombie Attack?
Zombie Economy, Zombie Nation
Millions In Food Poverty This Thanksgiving

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