OMFG – Tom Daly Is Gay

He only came out this morning and already I want to strangle Tom Daly. Not because he’s gay but because he’s given the gay lobby in mainstream media something with which they can annoy us until the next Olympics when another petulant, preening, posing, hissy fit throwing failure by this obnoxious little attention seeker at his chosen event, the world’s most boring non – sport exposes him for what he really is, a nonentity.

OK he’s the best diver we have had in fifty years but how hard is it to be a contender in a sport nobody else is intersted in?

Its always possible of course, given Daly’s track record for attention seeking and throwing hissy fits when he does not get his own way, that coming out is just a ploy to get himself in the papers because nobody is very interested in diving and he was feeling a bit ignored, what with Rebecca Adlington being on tele every day in I’m a celebrity..

Whatever, unfortunately it means we will have to put up with this Dunt (no, his name really is Dunt, going on about how wonderful it is that the most boring sports competitor in Britain is gay.

“Tom Daley just did more for gay culture by lying back on a couch than a thousands of hours of diligent campaign work could ever hope to achieve.

The Olympic diver’s statement, delivered through YouTube, that he was dating a guy will have probably surprised few people.

What was truly special about the announcement was the way in which it was made. There was no sombre, set-piece, media-event TV interview. There was none of the fevered, front page hysteria which would have greeted a newspaper exclusive.”

What? Gay culture? What gay culture? I’ve never heard anything about julian Clary or Elton John or Paul O’Grady or Clare Balding being into diving. (Actually scrub Clare Balding from the list, she’s probably done more than her share of diving). And what is Dunt on about when he says there was no staged media event. Tom Daly was lying back on a sofa (Oi, stupid Dunt, it’s sofa not couch, you ignorant, lower class moron) talking to nobody in particular about how great it is to be gay and someone who just happened to accidentally film the speech on a smartphone then happened to accidentally post it on You Tube? I think not.

Well if it’s any consolation to the gay culture bods, I don’t hate Tom Daly any more now than I did before. He’s still a pointless, irritating little twat and an attention seeker.

Homosexuality: As a liberal society we have a duty to tolderate, not celebrate.

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