Nelson Mandela Died Back In June – Told You So

Really few people except the terminally gullible will be surprised by this revelation printed in South Africa’s Guardian Express newspaper.

That the deception has gone on so long is perhaps the most powerful proof yet that the ruling elites everywhere maintain their grip on power by lies, deception, misinformation and subterfuge. It is understandable perhaps in this case that news of the death might be suppressed until the country was prepared for a possible outbreak of lawlessness and factional conflict onece its figurehead was gone.

But as the actual death was so widely leaked in new media and even discussed by some mainstream reporters, it can only erode what little trust remains in government and the media.

And to those who accused me of bad taste when I compared Mandela to Leonid Brenev, the Soviet leader who, it is rumoured was preserved as a corpse and wheeled out on state occasions to be seen mechanically waving to the crowd, I say “Fuck the fucking fuck off, if you can’t handle truth don’t read Boggart Blog.

From the Guardian Express website , 5 December 2013

“The charade began in June of 2013, and Guardian Express has maintained Mandela has been deceased since we were informed of his passing in June via one of our reporters embedded in South Africa.
That reporter had received a text message from her close friend who works for the South African News which stated that Mandela had died the night prior. Since June, The Guardian Express has come under attack; first from a “denial of service” attack which shut the site down on and off for three days right after we published the news that Mandela had died. That denial of service attack was traced back to South Africa.
The Guardian Express was also attacked by people denying that the Nelson Mandela family was carrying on a charade. However, we stood by and continue to stand by our account that Mandela was declared permanently brain dead with total organ failure in June of 2013. Now, today, the family has finally decided to give up their charade.”

Now how about “President” Obama telling us where he was really born, how, if he is a natural born citizen of the USA he managed to enroll at a university as a foreign student, whether he still uses crack cocaine and if his relationship with Reggie Love is still hot?

Or David Cameron admitting that he’s a c… yes that, but also, he did thousands of pounds worth of damage to Oxford restaurants with his Bullingdon Club chums and that he has to keep pissing off traditional Conservatives because if he does not do what his wife tells him she will go on the Jeremy Kyle show and reveal and reveal the biological father of the little girl Cammers tried to dump in a pub is really Boris Johnson.

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