Passive Smoking Causes Junk Science And Research Grant Phishing

Spotted a blog on the latest science scam to be exposed as a steaming pile of bullshit, passive smoking, by James Delingpole in The Daily Telegraph today. I didn’t read a lot of the article being aware that the whole “passive smoking” scare was based on junk science, a single study run by doctors who were anti – smoking activists.

The comment thread was entertaining however.

(I point out here that because the “passive smoking causes lung cancer scare” is a fraud, that does not mean smoking is not harmful in many other ways – make your own choices but be fully aware of the risks.)

Best comment in the whole thread and the one I just have to share was this from someone who truly deserves the name ace.

ace55 (approx 1 pm – 13 December, 2013)

“The dangers of passive smoking will only be statistically proven when someone does a single, large study of population groups from similar backgrounds, living in similar environments, with similar lifestyles, levels of wealth, healthcare provision, diets etc. [ … ] There is another way, of course. Take two identical twins, lock them both up for life, expose one of them to passive smoking and the other to fresh air, and see which one dies first. It could be the only useful thing Jedward ever did.”

Love it.

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