A Girl God With Pert Boobies? I Could Worship That

Ask people to describe God and most will talk of someone bearing a close resemblance to the old guy with the flowing white beard in Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel mural (well ceilingal if we’re being picky.) You know the one:

traditional god, michaelangelo sistine chapel
Picture Source: readthespirit

There are other ways of envisaging The Almighty of course. Douglas Adams offered us a rather spaced out hippy in Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy. In Joseph Heller’s excellent but unregarded novel “God Knows“, the God of the title is in a hissy fit because his favourite human, David has lived a life of decadence and debauchery. Veteran Hollywood comic George Burns presented a cigar smoking, wisecracking God in a film called Oh God.
And William Blake went as far as to imagine a female God. Could be Blake was closest because when God turned up in a German Church over the Christmas festival, she was half naked, showing a very pert pair of boobs. And everyone knew she was God because she had the words I Am God wriiten in greasepaint on her torso. See the video from Russia Today television (via Freeview):

Now I don’t know if I believe she is God or not but I have in the past fallen to my knees in front of people who looked rather similar.

(full story on Femen Christmas protest)

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