Timelorded Out

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius. In other words you are free to disagree with this article but tell me I am wrong and I will tell you to fuck the fucking fuck off.

So, the great debate gripping internet forums as the Chistmas hangovers subside seems to be:

“Was the Doctor Who Chistmas Special a work of genius or a bag o’ shite.

I must admit I gave up watching Doctor Who Christmas Specials a few years ago while David Tennant was still at the helm of the TARDIS.

The 50th anniversary show wasn’t bad, being saved mainly by John Hurt’s playing his role with a mixture of Great Actor gravitas and “yes-I-know-it’s-a-ridiculous-bag-of-shite-darlings-but-they’re-paying-me-a-fortune” tongue in cheekness.

I suppose the problem was that I never got into Matt Smith, maybe expectations were too high after David Tennant but to me though Matt is an engaging enough fellow, as an actor he seems to possess the emotional range of a plank. He played every scene with the amused nonchalance of a minor character in a P. G. Wodehouse story.

As in so many other areas, the BBC’s children’s drama for gown ups output is suffering from the plague of political correctness. Apart from the Daleks who are way past their sell by date, the villains are not really evil anymore. They are misunderstood creatures who really only want to destroy us and take over our world because they know if we can’t welcome a few murderers, rapists and thieves from Romania we are never going to accept an invasion of Fouls Smelling Blobs From Uranus. We should consider the benefits immigrants bring to the British economy (one million extra dole bludgers) and welcome them.

And why do these interstellar migrants want to come here. Because their home planets have been destroyed by industrial pollution resulting from massive consumerism or political wars waged with weapons more terrible than anything we can imagine.

So perhaps the politicisation of Doctor Who along with having a plank as the main character and a succession of clunky scripts is more than simply having the (debatably) hottest companion ever* can compensate for.

Let’s get back to really scary baddies (raid Celtic folklore like ‘Merlin’ did for some good ideas) and dump the sentimentality. Otherwise the spin of Malcolm Tucker combined with the sex appeal of the lovely Clara will just not be enough to save the Timelord from timing out.

*Jenna Coleman is a contender but my vote is still with Billie Piper (just).

2 thoughts on “Timelorded Out

  1. With you there. David Tennant had some gravitas and charisma but Matt Smith was a muppet.
    All of these series’ now “play to the kids” from the pussy-foot wanker trying to be Robin Hood to the politically correct universe of Doctor Who.
    Well, that’s Auntie Beeb for you.


    • I don’t think they play to the kids, todays kids are more sophisticated (and ever bit as bloodthirsty as earlier generations)

      They play to the limp wristed, politically correct, muli – culti, bearded queens in bridal gowns, metrosexual, yooman rights loving brigade.

      Which is why viewing figures for new drama are going down the toilet while some creky old thing on ITV2 draws a bigger audience.


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