Cashless Society Equals Cashless People

cashless society

The push towards a totally cashless society gathered pace in 2013. A cashless society in which there is a digital audit trail of every transaction is of course a fascist government’s wet dream (spot the fascists amongst us by making a not of those who brand anyone opposed to snooper – friendly technology as “technophobic and opposed to progress.”

What is technologically advanced or progressive about a cashless society? Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Maoist China all kept the mass of their populations short of cash, and were only prevented from going totall cashless because the technology was not available. Slave economies operate a kind of cashless system, i.e. “You want what? Wages? You’ll get a kick up the arse if you don’t get back to work.”

Medieval serfdom was almost a cashless society. So it is clearly demonstrated that the cashless society will only benefit the elitists. No wonder they tell us money is bourgeois and capitalist.

The modern cashless society, we are told, will be based on electronic money and the internet. Oh great, security is so tight and so reliable on the internet, our bank accounts will be easy pickings for thieves. And that’s even without Microsoft selling the secrets of the back door in Windows to the Mafia.

At this stage some science head will usually skip to the comments column to tell me about the wonders of encryption, the https secure socket and them rant on for ten thousand words about prime numbers. Wonderful – except the http socket is the last place anyone with a brain would try to hack. Haven’t these nerds read The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo? No, of course not, it’s too entertaining for them.

Anyway, if I wanted to grab random people’s bank details I would use a widget on a web page to install a key logger on their computer. This would log every keystroke and things like bank account numbers, passwords, security keys could easily be identified and stolen.

A lot of this kind of thing has been going on in the run up to the Christmas period it seems.

A spokesperson for a computer security consultancy reported:

“Computer systems have been compromised either at stores or in the companies handling the processing of card transactions. In other words, a company involved in the flow of payments has been hacked. It could be more than one company. The computer hacking has exposed everyone whose cards are going through those systems. The thieves are using the ATM card information in a way that does not require the PINs.

The way this kind of crime works is once the thieves have stolen a bunch of numbers from a company they print cards with their name on them and your billing information on the magnetic stripe. He said they rarely bother with printing up credit cards anymore. It is fairly small scale stuff, more of a cottage industry than a Dr. Evil type world domination scam, but organisers of the network reap big bucks by selling the gift cards at something like £2 per £10 face value. They clearly understand the old business question, “Is it better to have a penny a billion times or £1 million once.”

There has been a spate of cash machine hacking over the last 6 months focused mostly in the Midlands. According to police reports 3 separate professional gangs have been identified all of which originate from Romania (is there a political agenda behind the allegation? I don’t know).

The authorities warn us to be on guard against this kind of fraud but do nothing to prevent it and continue to push people towards electronic transactions and online banking. No more cash, no more below the radar deals and no more privacy. We all know this has been on the agenda for some point in the future.

It is not just the crooks we have to fear though, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, all the big players in online technology are known to have been playing fast and loose with our privacy and selling personal data they collect to anyone who can afford the price. They probably do credit checks but you can bet there are no ethics checks.

There will be plenty of cashless people in the cashless society as they find their electronic cash has been siphoned out of their electronic bank account because electronic technology has more holes than a colander.


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5 thoughts on “Cashless Society Equals Cashless People

  1. Scary isn’t it? I see a two tier society coming to place near you soon where you barter and swap things or skill and the elite will have bank cards. Never the twain shall meet. Off to refresh my shelf installation skills now.


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