Prime Minister’s Climate Change Gaffe

On Tuesday Prime Minister David Cameron, commenting on the recent bad weather, told MPs in the House of Commons that he “very much suspects” the recent extreme weather is connected to global warming.

Nicola Maxey from the Met responded by reiterating the crucial distinction between weather and climate change.

“What happened at the end of December and at the beginning of January is weather,” she said.

“Climate change happens on a global scale, and weather happens at a local scale. Climate scientists have been saying that for quite a while.

“At the moment there’s no evidence to suggest that these storms are more intense because of climate change.

She added: “In real terms we had a low depression over the Atlantic which deepened, which caused the swell, and that combined with the spring tide caused the coastal waves.”

If we translate the pseudo scientific gobbledegook into plain English, what Ms. Maxey is saying amounts to: “Weather is what you see when you look out of your window, climate only exists in computers running mathematical models of reality.

Bur obviously it is quite important that the Prime Minister learns how to tell the difference.

Right Dave, lesson one.

This is an arse (source)

This is an elbow (source)

Get you head round that Dave, and we are halfway to understanding the difference between weather and climate.


3 thoughts on “Prime Minister’s Climate Change Gaffe

  1. Cam the con et al would def try in on in passing a motorists’ “weather-change tax” supplement if they thought they could con UK sheep peeps into believing their car exhaust fumes are causing this period of above average rainfall for the time of year.
    Global warming = Climate Change, soon to = Weather Change.
    But yes folks, you must still pay your green taxes or face going to jail.

    What a heavy and persistent shower of funking bar stewards we have, lording this utter shite over us.


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