The Liberal Demotwats

The Liberal Democrats or Lib Dumbs as they are unaffectionately known, having spent 50 years banging the drum for feminism and calling for summary justice and instant, painful death for any man who looks at a woman and raises an appreciative eyebrow, are currently tearing themselves apart over whether it is OK to be a sex pest if you are a senior Liberal Democrat.

The Senior Liberal Demotwat in question is Lord ‘Fatty’ Rennard, not an elected MP but a campaign strategist who many credit for the Lib Dems climbing from ten MPs to a peak of over 60. This is not quite fair as most of the Lib Dems advance from The Liberal Party ragbag of mavericks, nutters, equal rights whiners, and natural dissidents (a faction in which I was included for many years) to a bunch of CHIMPS (Completely Hopeless In Most Political Situations (h/t Chris Spivey – and let’s all try to get that acronym into the dictionary, it’s brilliant) who aspired to rule the nation while showing themselves to be a bunch of lying, cheating, time – serving cocksuckers who in a sane world would not be allowed within a million miles of power.

lib dem election strategistThe Lib Dems campaign strategy wizard Lord Rennard (allegedly)

All current mainstream political parties are dependent of hypocrisy of course, Conservative and Labour have been at it for years. Conservative hypocrisy I find less repulsive because it goes: “We hate you common little oiks but don’t mind pretending we care until we are re – elected. Labour hypocrisy involves pretending to care and wanting to make everybody equal, so long as voters accept that on the Labour farm, some of the animals are more equal than others.

In the late 1980s the most hypocritical and elitist fringe of Labour split off to form the Social Democrats. Their version of hypocrisy went: “We really really do care about you and want everybody to see that us guilt tripped elitists care, so you common little people must accept that intellectually you are infants and not capable of running your own lives. you must therefore be grateful when we patronise you.

That is the kind of hypocrisy the social Democrats, on merging with The Liberal Party, gave to the new party, the Liberal Deomtwats.

The Rennard scandal, which now threatens to derail Nick Clegg’s leadership, is a prime example of Lib Dem hypocrisy.

Quite recently the party has another hypocrisyfest typical of the politically correct left when they refused to sack Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, allegedly a serial groper. Portsmouth City Council / Mike Hancock

Now I personally don’t think what Rennard or Hancock allegedly did constitutes major crimes, they deserved a slap on the face from the ladies concerned and a slap on the wrist from the Party whips (such an unfortunate term in cases like this) but while Michael Le Vell, William Roach, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and others go on trial for similar offences to those mentioned in the allegations against Hancock and Rennard, not only do the politicians get a free pass to Pervesville, their oh-so-politically-correct party did not even ask them to resign over what, if the Lib Dems had any credibility left, they must surely regard as a crime on a par with genocide.

But Liberal Democrats have no credibility. As mentioned I used to be a member of The Liberal Party when it was the traditional home for freethinkers, mavericks and non conformists. But that great tradition of liberalism went out of the window when the part leadership sniffed a bit of power. Now the elitists dominate, the eccentrics have gone (to the blogosphere, the greens or UKIP – who are far more liberal than any party of the LibLabCon coalition.

You want to know what the Lib Dems stand for these days (apart from equal rights for sex pests and paedophiles that is?) Here’s a quick summary of the Lib Dicks main policy initiatives..

Liberal Democrats support immediate entry to the Euro currency.
Liberal Democrats want to let 58,000 criminals out of jail to serve their sentences in the comfort of their own home.
Liberal Democrats want an amnesty for all Illegal Immigrants and Unrestricted Immigration.
Liberal Democrats want Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament.
Liberal Democrats want Wind Turbines to be the sole means of keeping electricity and the lights on. No Nuclear, Gas or Coal fired technology.
Liberal Democrats want to make Drug taking legal.

NB Liberal Democrats broke their manifesto Pledge on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, broke their pre election pledge on University tuition fees and have supported many Parliamentary bills that go against their published policy. This would be acceptable on grounds of expediency if they were not so fond of getting oin their moral high horse.

In other words they are the anti – British party, the party most eager to take us into a Federal European superstate (and get themselves cushy jobs in the perves and peedos paradise that is Brussels?)

Liberal Democrats say one thing and do another – and then blame The Tories or Labour. They are the most dishonest party in British Politics. Ah well, as the late, great Bernard Levin one said, “The least amount of power leads to the greatest desire to abuse it.

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8 thoughts on “The Liberal Demotwats

  1. I think you may have missed out the “contract dog-murdering” bit above the delectable photo above…. whose pretty boy face btw I’m not sure whether my over-fertile imagination’s playing tricks on me again or not.. somehow reminds of a crossover of a certain past contender for the leadership recently released from the big house on a motoring offence sentence….ah yes of course; the unforgettable unforgivable Hume Toad…

    …. and Nigel Farage.


    • Now be serious, you can’t associate our next Prime Minister with the Liberal Demotwats. But for the party that claimed to be the light that shines out of God’s arse, they have had their fair share of crooks, liars, gropers, rent – boy frequenters and kiddie fiddlers in recent years.
      As for shot dogs, even though the leader of that particular conspiracy to murder a golden retriever was no relation and it all happened over thirty years ago it’s still a bit of a sensitive topic. Still Clement Freud made up for it.


  2. Immediate entry to the Euro currency. Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament. Drug taking made legal.

    Sheesh, what’s not to like? Clement Freud would have agreed with all of them. 🙂


    • Clement Freud also loved dogs – I don’t, and I don’;t like cats either. he and I both loved horses however.

      We know how the single currency turned out now, he did not live long enough to find out. Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament is more “Join hands and sing Kumbaya” stuff. Go for unilateral nuclear disarmament and we may as well all pain targets on our arses.

      More than half the fun of taking drugs is that’s it’s illegal. As with driving my car, a top speed of 140 would not be half as much fun if the speed limit was 150.

      Here’s a treat for you though, the funniest joke ever, told by the aforementioned C. Freud. The video embed does not work so I’ve posted the link: Is this the funniest joke ever


      • Thank you for the joke, it’s truly lovely, though I still prefer Spike’s one that was voted best by people who maybe didn’t know that one.

        The point about unilateral disarmament is that you save a fortune. If you have the bomb and there’s a nuclear war, everyone is dead, whereas if you don’t have the bomb, and there’s a nuclear war, everyone is dead.

        I’ve never driven [technically, ridden, big Suzuki] at more than 117mph, so I’m not sure if 140mph would be all that good… can your car do that?


      • So the handbook says. I’ve never taken it above 120 on the clock which is probably about 110 in real terms (they’re all calibrated to read around 10% high)
        140 is not uncommon these days. A New Jaguar XF will do 160 for a very reasonable £29,000 and a basic Merc is about the same.
        The Alfa Romeo I wanted to replace my Honda with eventually would have given me 150, but that model has not been available in UK since 2010 so although I would buy second hand they are getting a bit long in the tooth. The Honda was five years old which I picked it up five years ago at a bargain price (contacts in the trade) but it only had 49000 on the clock and was in near showroom condition.

        The high top speed is a side effect of better fuel economy – but I have to admit it makes the run from Hexam via haltwistle and Alston to Penrith through the South Tyne Valley and Gilderdale a joy, especially with a stop at Hartside Cafe, the biker spot on the summit between Alston and Gilderdale.


  3. That men of all political persuasions, and none, take an interest in women is not news. That a sprinkling over step the limit is not surprizing.
    What does surprize me is that we expect MPs policemen, and other notable citizens to be different from the herd.
    Where ever we have a labelled sizable mass of humanity we must expect a statistical presence of all sorts of behaviour. Individuals can be judged, groups can only be generalised about.


    • If the Lib Dems (and Labour politicians but they’re not in the frame this time) are going to play the politically correct card every time there is the slightest breath of scandal (and they do) they cannot expect a free pass when their own members step out of line.

      As a manager I had to be able to judge which staff were OK with verbal flirting and banter and which would have been mortally offended. I did have to deal once with a very attractive young woman who gave the lads an idea that she was putting it on a plate and then ran to HR screaming harassment if one of them invited her for a drink. I saved the lad’s job but advised all the team to err on the side of caution. We transferred the girl to an all female section – she was mightily pissed off.

      It’s a minefield out there.


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