The main reason why the Liberal Democrats are FUBAR

Lets face it, we are all wallowing an schadenfreude as the Lib Dems tear themselves apart, some because they feel the party sold out by going into coalition with the Conservatives, some old Liberal Party diehards because we still feel the Liberal Party sold us out by merging with the SDP to form The Liberal Democrat Party.

nick clegg press conferenceNick Clegg at today’s Lib Dem press conference (in the background is a friend of former Liberal Leader Jeremy Thorpe (source: blogspot commons)

The break up was bound to happen of course, taking a party of oddballs, mavericks, raffia – mafia traditionalists, free thinkers, non conformists, rope sandal wearing tree huggers, and and save-the-two-toed-toad campaigners and classical Liberals and wedding them with a bunch of power hungry celebrity obsessed New-Labour-before-it-was-New-Labour, money-grubbing, Rothschild-Rothschild-uber-alles, authoritarian globalists could only end in a painful break up. And then there were the personality problems.

Damien Thompson had an excellent analysis of small party syndrome in The Daily Telegraph yesterday. In brief (link to full article below):

1. Big egos in a small party
2. It’s a merged party.
3. Small parties accommodate conspiracy theorists:
4. Liberals fight dirty on the doorstep:
5. They don’t have an ideology.
6. Clegg is a crap leader.

I don’t agree with everything he says, for example Liberals are no dirtier campaigners than anyone else. Having been on the wrong end of a Labour smear campaign when I was a Liberal candidate many years ago I speak from experience.

Read full article: Six reasons why the Liberal Democrats are the real nasty party

Admittedly Damien was looking at why so many Lib Dems have turned out to be hypocritical shits while Boggart Blog looks at why they are a failed party. Today however Graeme Archer, with his usual wit and style adds another point of view on why the Lib Dem / Social Democratic Party was doomed from the start.

As Graeme has been a strong supporter of sex sex marriage, let me summarise it this way. The union of Lib Dems and SDP was like a same sex marriage between two heterosexuals. Graeme Archer: Lord Rennard is just a reminder why the Lib Dems are a broken party


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