Bloggies Awards Canel Science Category Because The Wrong People Keep Winning

Boggart Blog and our other half Little Nicky Machiavelli have always (well since we started blogging at least) been sceptical of the kind of climate science that dutifully produces the results politicians need as an excuse for punitive taxes on our basic essentials.

We were amused therefore to see this story from Aussie blogger Jo Nova:

Bloggies 2014 nominations — science category gone due to political correctness, pick a different category

(Bloggies BTW are, according to the organizers the Oscars of the blogosphere)

from Jo Nova:

“Last year the Best Science or Technology Weblog category was dominated entirely by climate science blogs, and 4 of the 5 were skeptics. Not surprisingly Watts Up won for the third time (congrats to Anthony). Tellingly, Skeptical Science withdrew even though the skeptics vote would have been split. (I guess they know their traffic stats.)

“This year, the bloggies has quietly announced “Best Science or Technology Weblog has been discontinued”. Ho hum? Have the organizers succumbed to political correctness for fear of letting skeptics win the award again? Seems so.

“Now we could lodge a protest, or we could just … ” Read all at Jo Nova

The best bit was about the Skeptical Science blog, BTW a sceptic – from latin – is one who neither believes nor disbelieves but questions everything, a skeptic – from Greek – is one who doubts everything. Skeptical Science blog was set up by a warmageddoninst and its routine approach was to unquestioningly accept government propaganda and academic research grant phishing while vehemently denying anything that challenged the propagandists or research grant phishers.

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