The Great selfie fake.

Do you remember that selfie taken at the Nelson Mandela memorial service of the Danish Prime Minister Heller Vanicearse flanked by Barack ObamaObama and David Cameron both with their idiotovator turned up to eleven. You know the one, Dave, Heller and Barry are lining up a threesome while Michy Obama is sitting off to one side with a face like a smacked arse.

well even more like a smacked arse than usual

We told you at the time it was a fake and Camerton was not there. In fact we showed you the real picture, before Dave was photoshopped in.

Well now the full sequence of pictures has emerged which show Obaman’s goofing around with Heller Vanicearse (before) and Obama looking chastened after Michy tweaked his ear and made him switch seats.

They Tried To Save The President’s Face By Only Showing One Photo

Hell hath no fury like an Angry Black Woman scorned.

But look at the top picture on the linked page (the officially approved fake) and then scroll down and look at the full sequence, particularly the last two. Do you still believe anything you see in mainstream media?

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