How The Evil Ones Are Profiling You

In the early days after information contained in the documents leaked by Ed Snowden began to leak into the public domain, many people (admittedly mostly Scienctism Cult devotees and lefties were saying, “Oh is nothing, what does it matter if NSA keep records of your activities, it is for your safety and wellbeing.

Well we know lefties and Scientism Cultists are crazy so we ignored them.

And lo and behold, there is nothing harmless or “for our own good” about the high tech total surveillance program. They are using computer systems and collected data to build psychological profiles of everybody to enable the authorities to predict behaviour, chiefly so that potential criminals pre crime patters can be detected and they can be arrested before they have done anything wrong.

The only good thing is that while computers might be good at predicting the behaviour of scientists who behave like machines and so are completely predictable, they are utterly useless at predicting the actions of real people.

Here’s an indication of how far they have progressed with the task so far.

More at Global Research

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