A Proper Wedding

I’ve always said a wedding or funeral is not properly conduvted unless there’s a fight. Maybe I’m biased on account of my wifes family being Irish catholics on one side.

Weddings and funerals are emotive occasions and obviously feelings are running high. It does not take much to bring to the surface old grudges and resentments about wills or who made a pass at whose wife years ago.

It must be a rare old fashioned wedding however for a guest to get her ear bitten off in a fight over a pork pie.

The wedding of Wendy Carter and her fiance Ryan Barraclough, we hear, was disrupted by a brawl that started over a pork pie. Officers from the dog section at West Yorkshire Police tweeted ‘on the way to large fight in Bradford. All started over a pork pie apparently!’ The fight ended with three arrests.

Now what were West Yorkshires finest doing on Twitter when they should have been on duty you might well ask. We couldn’t tell you but we will be on the case and harassing the Chief Constable very soon.

According to reports around 30 to 40 wedding guests were involved in the disturbance and one woman had part of her ear bitten off. Our reporter was unable to ascertain if the fight really did start over a pork pie as a police dog allegedly ate the evidence.

Chris Sowden, 43, steward at the Harold Club said: “People had been drinking since 2pm. Apparently there was some tension building for an hour or so before it happened.
The video below is not from the wedding reported here, but it’s funny. Wedding fight from American Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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