Sometime Soon Punters Will Spot The Con

Sometime soon the supposed new wave of wearable electronics that are the next logical step towards Transhumanism will have to start living up to the hype. So far the few big-name products that have trickled out so far have looked anything but revolutionary while Google’s recent string of acquistitions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and robotics that we are told will lead to The Internet of Things (where do they get these crap names from? Unimaginative ideas R Us?) have so far managed to come up with an internet enabled thermostat that does exactly what an ordinary thermostat does but costs a lot more and tells the government when you turn your heating up. Other “innovations” look just as much like versions of existing technology that only differ in their National Security Agency friendliness.

Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, for instance, are essentially smartphones with an ugly, clunck wristband. “And activity-tracking bracelets” like Fitbit and Nike+Fuelband? Think computer-enhanced pedometers that will “share” with your facebook community the details of how far you walked. Cupid Stunts like Facebook’s Cocksuckerberg might think this essential to modern living but I think few buyers will be persuaded.

Meanwhile, more ambitious, futuristic projects like Google Glass have been beset with beta phase growing pains. Or in plain English, they’re shit.

But maybe things are about to change. Developers of the Avegant Glyph 3D wearable display claim that their technology will be a the game changer. Instead of a conventional screen, the visuals of movies, games and desktops are beamed directly into the wearer’s eyeballs through a patented “virtual retina” system. And unlike some of the more fringe ideas out there, the $500 headset, in prototype form, is designed to be plug-and-play, meaning it’s seamlessly compatible with Android and iOS devices, Xbox, PCs and any form of media that can be streamed via an HDMI cable.

If it lives up to the creator’s claims, then so long as you don’t mind looking like a total twat or ruining your eyesight, it could catch on despite the ludicrously exaggerated claims made for it.

3d headset that projects images direct to your eyeballs
Do these technofreaks really think we are all as stupid as they are?

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