Facebook Boss Zuckerberg Wants To Own The Internet

zuckerberg zombie
Zuckerberg’s zombie corporation just eats anything that gets in its way

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes WhatsApp is worth much more than the $19bn he paid for it last week

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that WhatsApp, the free text messaging app he bought in February 2014, is worth significantly more than the $19bn he paid for it and will help spread internet access to billions more people. The Facebook chief executive said on Monday that even as an independent company without the benefit of Facebook’s marketing clout, WhatsApp would be “quite a good bet” to be a major communications company. He said: “I could be wrong. It could be the one service that reaches 1bn [users] and doesn’t become valuable.”

Zuckerberg was never a businessman, he’s a nerd who had an idea that appealed to a brainwashed generation and then got into bed with the global view thinkers who saw his idea’s potential for mass communication and manipulation of information. Value is relative. What Zuckerberg is really saying is he thinks WhatsApp is worth far more than 10% of Facebook’s value since WhatsApp may soon have over 1 billion users as well!
It took 10 years (approximately) for Facebook to reach over 1 billion users; WhatsApp might do it in 6 years. The next social media / messaging site might do it in, maybe 3-4 years? Perhaps it is getting ever easier to reach 1 billion users in this ‘industry’ and thus the unique value of having such a large user base will diminish.

Mr Zuckerberg suggested SnapChat, another popular free smartphone app that was reportedly the target of a $3bn takeover bid from Facebook last year, was no longer a priority in the wake of the massive WhatsApp deal. Asked if he would make another approach, he said Facebook was “probably done for a while” in the acquisitions market.

But Mr Zuckerberg appealed to mobile operators to form partnerships with Facebook to help subscribers in the developing world use such services for free, arguing such deals will create an “on ramp” to the internet for billions of people.

The 29-year-old was speaking in Barcelona to an audience of mobile industry executives, many of whom fear that WhatsApp and similar services that use the internet to offer free versions of traditional telecoms services, pose a serious threat to their businesses. Yet he urged them to give away access to some of the most popular online services customers in poor countries world to help drive growth. If that isn’t pushing a globalist agenda then Hitler was a liberal.

The world of internet technology still has so many people baffled that the normal rules of business are not applied to it, Zuckerberg is hailed as a genius for running a business model that has been around since the South Sea Bubble and in any other area of commerce would be borderline criminal. His company is nothing but an investment bubble built on hype.

We must be careful however not to misunderstand the point of Silicon Valley and the internet which is to make money (for the insiders). That $19 billion (mostly in Facebook shares, not much cash but enough to make the handful of WhatsApp stakeholders rich) that the Facebook board approved is coming out of the pockets of the public shareholders and going to a small group of investors in the start-up, who just happen to sit on the board of Facebook.

Whatsapp was not a threat to Faceachebook could not have done nor did it represent anything F. It was an opportunity for insiders to cash in at the expense of public shareholders.

Free internet services such as Facebook and WhatsApp are said to demonstrate the value of the internet to the poor and ultimately create larger markets for mobile operators. Zuckerberg said: “It shows people why its rational and good to spend the limited money they have on the internet.”

Really Cocksuckerberg? Sounds to me as if you are trying to tell them brainwashing technology should be priotritized ahead of food, medicines and decent living conditions, is that right Cocksukerberg?

Not everyone in the business is singing off the Cocksuckerberg song sheet. Vodafone and other major players have rejected the approach, however. Vittorio Colao, the group’s chief executive, said internet companies who want their services to be accessible for free should pay mobile operators for the privilege.

Mr Zuckerberg was due to host a private dinner for senior telecoms executives on Monday evening in an attempt to convince them to give his company their services for free so he can hook more users whose private data he can then steal and sell to thieving scum corporate retail businesses.

Lets look at the business case. Facebook pays $19 billion for a company that earns $450 million a year by charging users a dollar per annum. He has to either jack up his prices (and watch customers eff off to similar services that are free) or find new customers by the busload or both to improve his revenue stream.

Sure, What’sApp only employs 50 people and has no infrastructure, so its costs are low. But it has no special niche in the market, there are no barriers to new startups entering the sector, no unique hardware or software to patent and licence. In all the fawning reports of this deal none have mentioned any of that and none of the business guru’s bragging about how clever this deal show any understanding of what the numbers mean. But then they are all technology writers (aka games reviewers) and not really qualified to write a critical business analysis that takes account of fundamentals like P-E ratio, revenue stream, competitiveness and market saturation.

In fact messaging services is a very crowded and competitive market and if there are big profits to be made then competitors are going to move very quickly to grab a slice and the business model goes bust. You think the Chinese and Indians will sit around and let a crock of gold lie buried at the end of a rainbow?

This buy was simply another moment of megalomaniacal madness by Zuckerberg My feeling is it’s only a matter of time until we poor taxpayers are being told Facebook is “too big to fail” and our governments are digging deep (into our pockets and pension pots) to bail out the wankers.

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