Still on the subject of Ukraine – meet Barbieboushka

Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova is a real person. you may find this hard to believe when you see the picture below, but honestly she is.

My wife is a big fan of a late night TV show called bodyshocks, in which ex model Katie Piper who was the target of an acid attack and has had to undergo many operations to rebuild her face, talks to people about cosmetic surgery disasters, faces and other body bits ruined not by violence but by that futile quest for physical perfection that obsesses so many young people these days.

Katie deals very sympathetically with cases where cosmetic surgery has gone wrong or highly visible but highly misguided tattoos. But the results of cosmetic surgery that has gone right can be just as insane.

Valeria Lukyanova - barbiesboushka?
Picture: Valeria Lukyanova. Source

Just one question. WTF was she thinking?
The same thing perhaps as the deluded revolutionaries in Ukraine, Egypt, Yemem and Syria who believed Obama would actually help them in more substantial ways than by making a speech.

In fact Valeria believes she is an alien and can live on light and air. Which explains a lot and answers for us a question relating to the insanity of the new rulers of western Ukraine who believe they can win a fight with Russia.

The entire country is insane.

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