If William Hague Looked Like This I’d Vote Tory

moldova-foreign-ministerNina Shtanski, Foreign Affairs Minister of Moldova Breakaway Province Transdniestria

There’s more trouble brewing around the Back Sea as in the wake of Crimea’s rejoining The Russian Federation and the EU and USA leaders retaliating by cancelling the bus passes of seven Russian senior citizens or something, another former Soviet republic looks set to split with the ethic Russian province of Transdniestria demanding it be allowed to secede from Moldova and rejoin Russia.

Now the only thing I know about Transdniestria is they’ve got the best looking foreign affairs spokesperson in the world, in fact next to Nina, William Hague and John Kerry look like the front and back ends of a motorway pile up. And former US Secretary of State and wannabe President Hillary Rodham Clinton looks like something from the middle. (And forget the Presidency Hilly, no way is The Emperor Obama going to quit after his two terms are up).

The trouble in Moldova will be another blow to the EU / New World Order dream of an extended Europe, pulling all the former Soviet states, the Balkans, Turkey, the middle east and north Africa under the control of the corporate – banking cartel.

The glamorous foreign minister of the breakaway region is calling on Vladimir Putin to make her country his next conquest in eastern Europe.

Though few have heard of Transdniestria which sounds like a fictional country in a 1950s spy thriller it is in fact a strategically important location and senior Western politicians are alarmed that following the annexation of Crimea it’s reunion with Mother Russia may be the next step in a Kremlin masterplan to redraw the frontiers of Europe.

That a top diplomat in staunchly pro-Russian Transdniestria, who has a penchant for revealing black dresses, is gushing in her praise of Putin’s takeover of the Black Sea peninsula can only add to their worries.

Nina is openly inviting The Kremlin to make the same move in her landlocked territory of 509,000 people, wedged between strife-torn Ukraine and Moldova. Read more:

Bizarrely, on the same day as Nina got em out for the boys this news broke, we learned that:

Britons Rate Russia More Favorably Than European Union

Even bearing in mind that few Britons have lived in Russia, that’s still quite a surprise but how credible is it?

from Zero Hedge

One would think that for all its demonization in the Western press, not to mention the countless comparisons to Hitler and/or the Antichrist, that Putin’s Russia would be viewed relatively negatively especially in that bastion of western thought: Britain. Yes, perhaps: it certainly doesn’t have a sterling image. However what is remarkableis that depite recent events in the Crimea, Britons still see Russia in a more positive light than the European Union, despite recent tensions with Moscow over Ukraine, according to a poll published on Saturday.

Perhaps this is not surprising, because as AFP reports, voters in Britain are also equally divided about whether to remain in the 28-member bloc, a subject on which Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum in 2017 and which is the reason for the blistering ascent in popularity of such political parties as the UKIP.

The league table of 27 “liked” countries and institutions put the European Parliament — for which elections are being held in May — sixth from bottom, and the EU fourth from bottom.

Only Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea ranked below the European parliament when those polled were asked how positive or negative they felt towards them. Israel was fifth from bottom and Russia was seventh from bottom. Canada was top.

full article at Zero Hedge

But does it make sense for Britons to look east for leadership and security. Well as a commenter at Zero Hedge remarked:

“I would too if I realized I stood a good chance of being hacked to death in the streets by a fanatic Muslim.

Stuff like that doesn’t happen in Russia.”

VOTE UKIP or anybody else that is not linked to the three main parties.

4 thoughts on “If William Hague Looked Like This I’d Vote Tory

  1. I immediately speed-read “Transylvania” and saw what looks like Dracula’s daughter there.. are you sure you haven’t got a thing for fang-sinking ladies of the night?
    Wee Willie Hague’s big shiny head must at least come with some appeal; after all he’s managed to procure himself a lovely blonde wifey AND despite sounding like Popeye the frikkin Sailor Man whenever he spouts govt. foreign policy BS.

    Wimin eh; along with the great British voter ( now flocking back to the Tories in the polls ) – who’ll ever begin to comprehend their bizarre choices.


    • I’ve always had a thing for such ladies. When I was 19, my 34 year old girlfriend Linda, an ex – beatnik, was a sort of proto Goth. I have very fond memories.

      I sometimes wonder if she still looks exactly the same but now, having inherited her parents large Victorian house in Bromley Cross, she sleeps on a layer of Lancashire soil in a box down in the cellar. her love bites did draw blood sometimes, perhaps if we had stayed together we would both be sleeping through the daylight hours down there.


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