Death Deniers Won’t Let Us Die In Peace

It is often said that the only fact of life is that we all die.

However there is a growing faction, admittedly usually the middle brow press, that seem to want us to live forever, think all of those headlines that tell us miracle drugs or food will help us live 10, 20, 30 years longer.

There are stories of people aged 80 or 75 being refused aggressive, intensive and invasive treatments for terminal conditions and the Death Deniers throw up their arms and rant about how unfair this is, how ageist. Why, these elderly sufferers of cancer and lymphoma and what have you have every right to have their hopes raised that they can be cured and enjoy a further 2 or 3 years of life,whilst not letting on about the arduous and debilitating nature of the cures and their related side effects.

Hurrah then for the former teacher who decided enough was enough and took herself off to Dignitas. She said she didn’t want to live in this modern electronic age. She hadn’t been brought up with today’s technology and felt she could not understand it, nor learn to understand it.

“How terrible,” wailed the press. This otherwise healthy woman had taken her own life when she could have lived for years longer.

Only further down the articles did we find out she was 89.

89 FFS!

Perhaps about time the Death Deniers realised not everyone wants to live forever, and however much they might not like it, it comes to us all in the end.

RIP old girl and good on you.

The Best foods for protien are not those you have been told
Eugenics belongs to the left not the right
The age timebomb waiting to blow up left wing ideas
You live, you die, and in between you may as well have a ciggy

3 thoughts on “Death Deniers Won’t Let Us Die In Peace

  1. Good one, I always get irritated with these “medical breakthroughs” that cost squillions of pounds to develop and extend average life expectancy by three days.

    And then you have the transhumanism brigade who want to implant chips in our heads so Google can override our individual will and think for us.

    Freddie Mercury had it right, “Who wants to live forever?”


  2. Yeah, an old girl I know, who was as fit as a fiddle, 80 years old, sang in the choir, walked miles, went out for lunches with her friends, was diagnosed with cancer last year, double mastectomy and then she’s been in and out of hospital ever since,stomach problems, chest infections, digestive system problems doesn’t walk anymore as she’s never well enough, stopped going out and even had to give up her singing. She would have been far better ignoring her lump and just carrying on enjoying herself for the next few years.


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