Fashion Disaster

Do you ever look at a picture of how someone is dressed and wonder how a grown up human being who presumable had at lease a little education could get it so wrong. All of us at Boggart Blog, me, fatsally, cleohart and our occasional gues contributors have in the past ridiculed the excesses of fashion designers and the self importance of that modern profession, personal stylists.

What is so difficult about choosing what clothes to wear that in the twenty first century we need help with this task, we might well ask. But then in the twenty first century there are all sorts of oddball new service industries springing up, personal shoppers, dog walkers, shirt wearers, who are paid to wear shirts apparently,and even a Contest Queen who sells assistance with magazine contests for people who want to win but can’t be arsed thinking up a slogan.

But choosing everyday clothes, T shirt, jacket, trousers or skirt as appropriate, should not be beyond most of us.

But on reflection, some people need help, they really do:


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