Obama’s spin doctor to make boy wizard our Prime Minister

In a move that will be seen as panic or desperation, the Labour Party has appointed Barack Obama’s chief spin doctor David Axelrod to be head of strategy their election campaign. In a move that will be seen as idiotic incompetence and proof Labour are not for for government, the Labour press release spelled his name “Alexrod”.

Labour was left embarrassed after misspelling the name of its new American strategist on the press release heralding his appointment. The party has trumpeted the appointment of David Axelrod, the strategist who masterminded Barack Obama’s two presidential victories in 2008 and 2012.

However, the party revealed the appointment on its website with the headline: “David Alexrod joins the team”.

American media organisations immediately ridiculed the error, suggesting that the error “distilled why [Labour] might need the strategist’s help”.

NBC News described the mistake as “especially embarrassing” for Ed Miliband as he has been parodied “as a bumbling and feckless Mr. Bean-like character”.

Boggart Blog will not stoop so low as to make fun of typos, we aren’t the most meticulous of proof readers ourselves. The question on our minds is how will Axelrod project Ed Miliband as Prime Minister material? Hide his birth certificate and education records? Start rumours that his wife is really a bloke?, persuade him to publicly insult the leaders of our closest allies? Play the race card?

Somehow I can’t see any of that being swallowed by British voters. On the other hand, there is that old rumour that Ed is really Harry Potter. Think about it, have you ever seen the Labour leader and Daniel Radcliffe together?

Potter Milliband
Not a lookalike – Ed Miliband IS Harry Potter

2 thoughts on “Obama’s spin doctor to make boy wizard our Prime Minister

  1. It depresses me no end that rather than ever once bother to reply to any of the messages many people have sent him, Miliband has done this. Listening to what British people want could have got him a landslide, but instead he’s decided on an American style advertising campaign.

    I shall probably join the Greens.


    • As good as anyone, if fact in your part of the world better than most protest vote parties. But do you get the impression the slimy fingerprints of one ACL Blair are all over this.


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