Defeating The American Bully, The World Fights Back

Bullies are always weak, not physically maybe but psychologically; they are insecure and need constant affirmation which is why they pick on the vulnerable. Not all tyrants are bullies, but the worst tyrants are always weaklings, ineffectual people who, once given a little power cannot resist the temptation to abuse it. The United States of America has since it rose to be the dominant political economic and military power has been a bully nation, imposing its will on weaker nations. It even invaded little Grenada, an island nation so small it does not even have an army, because the Grenadans elected a leader Washington did not like.

American bullying escalated in 2000 when a former alcoholic, allegedly bisexual, browbeaten son of a powerful father became President and has been at its worst since 2008 when a limp wristed former rent boy, a black supremacist with some very odd ideas about the extent of his powers was shoe horned into The White House.

It seems however that Barack Hussein Obama was a bully too far. Despite his blustering Obama, an arrested adolescent who constantly seeks approval, has been as ineffectual in foreign policy as he has been in combating the systemic economic problems of the USA.

Bullies traditionally suffer from an arrogance born from remaining unchallenged after vanquishing weaker foes. Flush with the illusion of invincibility the world-wide bully, America, has reaped its terror on many small or underdeveloped countries and their citizens. What all bullies fear most however is a challenger. One that can expose his weaknesses, thereby giving renewed strength to his victims. One that is not afraid of a bigger opponent, one that moves fast and hits hard. Being a fairly small man who does not like being told what he has to do, I speak from triumphant experience.

Post cold war USA has so far only picked on countries having little ability to defend themselves. From puny Panama, to Iraq and Afghanistan, the world has watched this accelerating thirty year set of American economic plunder and social atrocity. While sanctifying “Freedom” and “Democracy,” the US has manifested a more accurate definition in the minds of its victims; “Empire” and “Servitude.”

Ukraine seemed an easy geopolitical target for the same American hegemonic script used since Vietnam. Finally the bully has met its match in Vladimir Putin.

“The bitterest part of being bullied is the memory that you were once happy.” – Perry Morgan.

I don’t know who Perry Morgan is, but he or she should be speaking for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, several Balkan nations and Ukraine as well as numerous African nations in which American economic imperialism has been less visible.

Across the world, The Drones sent by The White House to terrorize innocent civilians have trashed the image America likes to project and replaced it with one of terror, wanton destruction and ham fisted meddling in the domestic affirs of sovereign nations.

Long before the bullshit about American “exceptionalism” was quantified by the current US president, the former rent boy in The White House, US foreign policy was indeed exceptional. It ignored national sovereignty, the United Nations charter, international law, and trampled on any nation, any grouping that got in the way of its march to global hegemony. From Argentina to Bolivia, Honduras, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Peru, the steely grip of freedom was thrust on free people.

Democratically elected leaders, like Daniel Ortega, current president of Nicaragua, remember well having their governments overthrown by the American Empire. Ortega and current populist leaders such as, Rafael Correa (Ecaudor), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Dilma Rouseff (Brazil), and Michelle Bachelet (Chile) remember well what American democracy truly means.

This is not to say Vladimir Putin is a friend of democracy or a paragon of virtue, he isn’t, far from it. But sometimes it takes a thug to stand up to a cowardly bully. Putin has certainly shown the rest of the world how to stand up to America and other nations are now following suit.


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