If This Is Jesus being A Christian Country Is Not So Bad

While Dave Cammers is still collecting flack for saying Britain is a Christian nation, some people who hate the whining left and the nanny State might get round to thinking Christianity is not so bad, especially if they stop for a bite in a branch of The Lunchbox Laboratory. The Seattle, Washington based restaurant chain, has created a stir with its latest Easter advertisement. This week’s special is a buy one get one free deal on a Burger of the Gods.

jesus burger
D’you want relish on that joint?

That does not sound a big deal? Maybe, but because Washington State recently became only the second state to legalizemarijuana, the Lunchbox Laboratory depicted Jesus holding a joint in one hand and a burger in the other hand.

The caption states that when Jesus returns, he will seek a Burger of the Gods. Apparently, some people found the unholy parody of Jesus with a burger and a joint as blasphemous.

Restaurant owner John Schmidt said he wanted to create a buzz to attract business on a typically slow business day. He said that Easter doesn’t draw much of a burger crowd, so he turned to a little inspiration to get some people in the doors. Fair enough, but why the burger, they’re not healthy and not hip. Now if the Son Of God had held a joint in one hand and a Budweiser in the other that would have been radical.

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