Computer Cops Will Arrest You Before you Commit A Crime

thought crime

Innocent until proved guilty has always been a basic principle of British and before the Union, English and Scottish justice. Since late in the ninth century when King Alfred signed into law the Liber Judicialis, the nearest thing England and Great britain has ever had to a written constitution or, until recently ever needed, the presumption of innocence has stood.

Thinking of committing a crime was not punishable, only in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” has Thought Crime ever been a punishable offence.

Until now. Some people, those who are quick to yell “conspiracy theorist” when I or other dissidents refer to “the scientific dictatorship” or the “New World Order” (though we are only quoting the words of people with names like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Churchill, Bush, Kennedy, Kofi Annan, Giscard d’Estang, Henry Kissinger, Eisenhower, Clinton, Blair, Brown, Delors … in fact read a compilation for yourselves ofNew World Order quotes.

Some warn against this new world order, this subsumation of democracy and individual freedom under a blanket of conformity demanded by scientists who promise by mainking us all into humandroids they can create an ordered, scientific society like the one depicted in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

What is realy scary about the people leading this line of though is they have no intention of asking is if we are willing to become Slaves of the Machines, these left wing Nazi fellow travellers plan to impose it on us because they think we are too thick to understand that what is best for them (the elite) is good for we, the punters, who were born for servitude. How quaint that all their wailing and gnashing of teeth, all their ersatz campassions should mask attitudes so similar to that of Medieval Aristocrats.

Take a look at this and understand the nightmare these oligarchic collectivist shits have planned for you:

With revelations that the National Security Agency has collected some 20 trillion phone calls and emails via an expansive nationwide surveillance network, most Americans have already come to the realization that everything they do is being monitored.

But many shrug off Big Brother’s prying eyes by suggesting that, since they aren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to worry about.

That may have been true several years ago, but the digital surveillance systems of today are far more advanced than most people understand. No longer are these machines simply recording the data and storing them in some historical archive to be pulled at a later date should the government ever have reason to take a closer look at your personal life.’ Continue reading

So it now goes beyond looking for keywords in emails, people saying things like “I effing hate Manchester United, I’d like to blow up Old Trafford,” they are actively monitoring behaviour. Here’s a little quote from deeper in the document (I know most of you are not going to read it all)

The algorithms being used don’t just look for obvious keyword phrases associated with criminal activity like “I’m going to kill you” or “meet me later and we’ll give him a beat down,” but focus in on routine activities, geo-location, and aggregate historical information to calculate the chance of a particular individual being involved in a crime at some point in the future.

Researchers at the University of Virginia demonstrated tweets could predict certain kinds of crimes if the correct analysis is applied.

A research paper published in the scientific journal Decision Support Systems last month said the analysis of geo-tagged tweets can be useful in predicting 19 to 25 kinds of crimes, especially for offenses such as stalking, thefts and certain kinds of assault.

The results are surprising, especially when one considers that people rarely tweet about crimes directly, said lead researcher Matthew Gerber of the university’s Predictive Technology Lab.

Gerber said even tweets that have no direct link to crimes may contain information about activities often associated with them.

This is happening in the USA now but we know that British and UK mainstream political leaders are eager to follow down the same route. We have a chance to let them know what we think of their caring, sharing, minority loving Naziism in a few weeks. You know what to do. And if you need an extra nudge, watch this video:

News From Davos: America Is Finished Global Governance And NWO To Rule
Two thousand five hundred politicians, celebrities, and business leaders from all over the world gather every year for this “Bilderberg style” meeting. The delegates include 53 people who own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population and representatives of over 1,000 of the multinational corporate businesses all of which are on record as supporting global government and open borders.
Surveillance leading to totalitarian state
RFID tattoos for total personal surveillance Google Plans More Evil Technology


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