British Development Aid Subsidises Third World Millionaires

Looks like another “Told you do” moment for us freethinkers and common sense merchants. Foreign aid is a waste of money, it just goes into the pockets of tyrants, their supporters and vast extended families we said. How many schools and hospitals could we build with £100billionish we hand out to third world dictators, how many nurses could we employ and still have enough to buy a poor disabled driver like me one of those new Jaguar F type sports jobbies at £79,000?

Ohh, racist, swivel eyed loon, right wing nut job, I can hear supporters of Ed Miliband’s British National Socialist Workers Party screaming.

You think so? Well maybe you ought to go and explain how you arrive at your conclusion to those swivel eyes rightists at The Guardian then:

from The Guardian:

“Millions of pounds of British aid money to tackle poverty overseas has been invested in builders of gated communities, shopping centres and luxury property in poor countries, the Guardian can reveal.

CDC, the little-known investment arm of the British aid programme, has invested more than $260m (£154m) in 44 property and construction companies in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

At least 20 of these are hotels, shopping centres or companies that build or manage gated communities and luxury property, according to Guardian research.”

Read more:

A better way of wasting money than stuffing a tyrants Swiss bank account:

jaguar f type
A Jaguar F Type, the ideal mobility scooter for me.

European Elections: you can vote UKIP or you can vote Nazi, simples

4 thoughts on “British Development Aid Subsidises Third World Millionaires

  1. You know what gets my goat Ian more than anything else in the world?

    Well as you know I have a connection with the people of the Falklands for reasons as you know. Well our dearest Government not just the one we have in charge now but all the idiots that we have had in charge give our arch enemy the Argentinians at least £2 million a year.

    Even though they borrowed at least 30 odd billion of us and then brought most of the equipment to invade those islands that I and many others had to go right the way down their and fight mile by mile to get it back out of their grubby little Latin hands. Which by the way they have never repaid.

    Here is a little known fact that comes with giving money to country’s like Argentina down South as they say.

    The World Bank released a few years back before the wicked witch of the South took over from her dead husband $10 billion to clean up the most polluted river in the world that runs right through their Capital that has “wait for it” 2 million Argentinians living in abject poverty on its banks, they wash,cook,bathe,drink in it.

    What did the corrupt Nestor and his croneys do? They divided it up between themselves and then asked for another $10 billion.

    Do we look mugs? have we mug written over our foreheads. Would you and I give someone out of our own wallet £20 so that he could then harass, call you and your friends names, shit on you, piss on you, threaten you.

    I know I wouldn’t more like give the bastard a clip around the ear lugs and a good kick up the arse.


      • That is the exact problem Ian, both you and I have seen it time and time again when you speak or write about this sort of thing happening, your a bigot, a racist!!!What, for telling people how it is and how nasty Fascists filch money that is given to their country’s to help clean the place up? Its getting to the point where people cant open their moths in fear of being prosecuted. Perhaps that’s the whole point of what is going on scare the masses into shutting the fuck up.


      • There are people in all mainstream parties of all developed nations who would like to see and end to free speech for sure. I said years ago making holocaust denial a crime was the thin end of the wedge. At the time the lefties all accused me of being a holocaust denier. I’m not, anyone who denies it is a nutter, but one you make a crime of having oddball opinions then its only a matter of time before people like Gordon Brown the big fat Clown or the pillock of Penn State University, Mike Mann, demanding that anyone who disagrees with them be slung in jail.


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