We Have To Sack The Hypocrites

houses of parliament

Think for a moment of all those pious words about zero hours contracts, fairness, equality and the right to work uttered by our Members of Parliament.

Have you thought?

Right, now read this

MPs – including those ‘opposed’ to it – employ 151 people on controversial zero hours contracts.

MPs are employing 151 people on controversial zero-hours contracts, Parliament’s pay and expenses watchdog has revealed.

Scores of those casual arrangements are with Labour MPs, who have campaigned against the exploitation of workers not guaranteed a set wage or hours.

Conservatives issued 77, Labour 62 and the Lib Dems five – with MPs from the other parties handing out seven.

Unite union spokesman Steve Turner said: “It will appal ordinary people to discover that the country’s lawmakers are using ‘hire and fire’ contracts.

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Ok, we have an opportunity in a week to hand these arseholes a final warning. If they don’t up their game by this time next year we sack them. Don’t be misled by those so desperate to keep the status quo they try to smear any alternatives as racist, homophobic or swivel eyed loons. anyone who supports the LiubLabCon is a fascist and if they say thery are not, they’re a hypocritical fascist. Simples.

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