Hundreds of protesters arrested in Brussels as leaders debate ‘maintaining citizen’s trust’

brussels protest

Strangely you did not see anything about this in print of broadcast news yesterday or today. One would think the loss of another human right, the right to peaceful protest, to the Euronazis in Brussels would warrant a mention here and there.

Ah, but then the protestors were objecting to one of the sacred cows of the Global Totalitarian Government lobby, the Trans Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership, you know the one, it will grant corporations like Pfizer immunity from national laws and prevent our democratically elected governments defending our national interests.

Some of us have been trying to warn people. Some of you have been supporting this Nazi shit by joining in that UKIP are Racists meme that attempts to win support for the Eurofascists by trying to smear the only British political party committed to opposing global Naziism.

Read this and see what I mean:

from Euracity

240 people were arrested on Thursday (15 May) around the European Business Summit venue in Brussels during non-violent protests organised by trade unions and citizens’ groups.

The protestors had gathered to denounce the budgetary austerity policies in Europe, and the ongoing talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the USA, which they say is being negotiated “in total opacity”.

‘We don’t want more business in Europe’

“Today multinationals are inviting political decision makers like the European trade commissioner Karel De Gucht and they are discussing putting more business in Europe,” said Felipe Van Keirsblick, the secretary general of the Belgian trade union for employees, the CNE-CNG.

“We don’t want more business in Europe, we want more democracy in Europe and that’s what people want, not what multinationals want,” Van Keirsblick said.

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